Our #1 700W Microwave


There are some excellent 700W microwaves available at the moment. We think the top one on the market is probably the Russell Hobbs RHMM701R. It’s a stylish model that looks great in almost any kitchen.

Russell Hobbs RHMM701R

Best 700W Microwave Reviews – Which is the Top UK Model of 2018?

700W microwaves are usually a significant improvement over 600W models when it comes to speed of cooking. They still lag behind more powerful models, but many come with a reduced price tag or extra features.

The good news is that there are more 700W microwaves available than 600W. This means there is a lot more choice when it comes to features and cooking functions.

Which Are the Best 700 Watt Microwave Ovens?

A number of different brands manufacture microwaves with 700W power output. These include Russell Hobbs and Daewoo – two of the biggest microwave manufacturers. Whirlpool, a company that used to produce a variety of 700W models including the popular Max35 series, are unfortunately no longer producing such a wide range.

You should also be aware that 700W models often also have other compromises, as they tend to be built for smaller kitchens. Many are 17 litre models which may not be able to fit large dinner plates, although there are some exceptions such as the Daewoo KOR6L77 which is a 20 litre model. In short, while 700W microwaves can be great for quick cooking, they are usually unsuitable for large meals or households.

With that in mind, here’s our selection of the best 700W microwaves on the market at the moment:

  • Russell Hobbs RHMM701R
  • Daewoo KOR6L77
  • Russell Hobbs RHM1714B

Each of these microwaves has received excellent reviews from buyers. We’ve also given all three a rating of four stars or above, indicating that we think they provide great value for money.

Who Should Buy a 700W Model?

So who should consider buying a 700W microwave? If you’re on a tight budget, but don’t want to sacrifice cooking speed to the level of a 600W model, then a 700W microwave could be a good choice. The performance of these microwaves is closer to the “average” that you’d expect from an 800W model, but you’ll still notice a significantly slower cooking speed.

The price of a 700W microwave oven is usually cheaper than most powerful options, although this isn’t always the case. Models such as the Max35, which are 700W models but come with a number of extra features and a unique deign, actually cost more than standard 800W model.

So, in summary, if you often need to cook food quickly, then a 700W model may not provide enough power. For fast cooking, it’s nearly always better to buy a more powerful microwave. However, if you have a small kitchen and don’t want to cook large meals, or just want to save money, 700W models can be excellent options.

Even so, it’s important to look at all the benefits and disadvantages of each microwave before making a final decision – don’t just pick a model based on its power rating. If you’re not sure which power you need, check out our homepage for all our microwave reviews. Otherwise, scroll down for our 700W reviews.

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