Best Coloured Microwaves

A microwave doesn’t have to be a plain, dull and unattractive box. Many of the newest microwaves on the market feature interesting designs, bright colours and innovative shapes. Here are our top coloured microwaves that are available right now.

qt2-boxDaewoo QT2 Compact Microwave

The QT2 is one of the most attractive microwaves on the market at the moment. With a modern and sleek curved design, combined with a retro front panel and lime colour scheme, this is a microwave that’ll slot nicely into any kitchen.

It’s a small model, with a capacity of just 14L and a power of 600W, but is perfect for small apartments or even mobile homes. If you’re looking for a stylish green microwave and don’t need a larger model then the QT2 is the perfect option.

Daewoo KOR6N9RCDaewoo KOR6N9RC Cream Microwave

OK, so cream isn’t exactly the most exciting colour, but it’s certainly more interesting than white or black. The Daewoo KOR6N9RC is an excellent model that has a fantastic retro design. Its front panel is one of our favourites of any microwave, and it has a feature set to match.

This is a 20L microwave, so has a lot more internal space than the QT2. Other features include five power levels, automatic cook setting and a kitchen timer.

russelhobbsheritage-boxRussell Hobbs RHM2064R Heritage Red Microwave

We’ve saved the best until last! The Russell Hobbs RHM2064R Heritage red microwave is our favourite when it comes to style and colour. With its bold red colour scheme and modern exterior design, there are models that can match the RHM2064R’s style.

Aside from its appearance, the RHM2064R is actually a fairly standard microwave in terms of features. It has a power rating of 800W, five different cooking levels and a weight defrost function. We awarded it 4.5 out of five, mainly due to its stylish appearance and reasonable price tag.

KOR6N9RPDaewoo KOR6N9RP Gloss Purple

This is one of the most stylish microwaves we’ve ever reviewed. With its retro design and stunning purple colour scheme, this is not a microwave you can ignore.

Along with its funky design the microwave is a 20 litre model with 800W output and a variety of different settings. If you like the retro style but don’t like purple, a black model is also available.
Those are our top three coloured microwaves, which is your favourite? Is there any that we’ve missed out? Let us know in the comments section below!