Daewoo QT2 Compact Microwave Oven Review

Daewoo QT2 Compact Microwave Oven Review

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 The QT2 can be difficult to find – but don’t worry! The Daewoo QT1 is still widely available. Click here for the QT1’s price.

The Daewoo QT2 compact microwave oven is almost identical to the QT1 which we’ve previously reviewed. The only difference – that we could find – is the colour scheme and design of the QT2. Keep reading out Daewoo QT2 compact review for more information about the product, including what buyers have said about it.

Daewoo QT2 Features

The QT2 is designed to be a modern, attractive and, most importantly, compact microwave. We’ve seen compact microwaves in the past that are too ugly to put in any kitchen, so it’s refreshing to see a mini microwave that’s determined to stay classy. This is a 14L microwave which means that’ll fit in even the smallest kitchens.

There’s no doubt that the Daewoo QT2 14L microwave is an attractive model. With its white and lime green colour scheme, rounded corners and unique circular dials, this is a microwave that has a real “wow” factor. The recent trend for lime green kitchen appliances also means that it’s easy to match the microwave with your toaster or kettle.

As you’d expect from a small microwave, the QT2 is relatively low powered compared with other models. At 600W you should expect food to cook much slower than 800W microwaves. 600W microwaves also tend to cook less evenly, although the QT2 has received mainly positive reviews from buyers. Other features include a 255mm turntable (glass) and seven different microwave power levels.

Overview of Daewoo QT2 Microwave Oven Features:

  • Compact design helps so save space in the kitchen
  • 600W power output
  • 7 different microwave power levels
  • Unique circular dials
  • 25.5cm turntable (made from glass)

Daewoo QT2 Reviews

At the moment, the Daewoo QT2 has a relatively high rating on shopping sites. This indicates that most people are happy with the product, although it isn’t quite perfect.

Some of the positive comments about the QT2 include that it’s an attractive and stylish microwave, is simple to use and is perfect for small kitchens. Several reviewers mention that it’s actually a relief not to have to deal with some of the more advanced features of other microwaves. The QT2 is certainly a barebones model that focuses on the essentials.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Daewoo QT2 is a small microwave. Several reviewers mention that the microwave is too small to fit large dinner plates, but this is to be expected from a compact model. For a slightly larger turntable, you may want to consider the Whirlpool 35.

Daewoo QT2 Conclusion

The Daewoo QT2 microwave is an attractive, compact and practical model. It isn’t going to win any awards for innovative features, but in terms of design it’s hard to beat. It’s worth looking at the QT1 if you like the QT2, as the microwaves have almost identical features but a different design. Overall, we highly recommend the QT2 for small kitchens or mobile homes.

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