Daewoo QT1 Compact Microwave Review

Daewoo QT1 Compact Microwave Review

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The Daewoo QT1 compact microwave oven is a small, attractive model that’s perfect for small kitchens. It features a modern white design, with plenty of curves and a simple control panel containing just two knobs (power and timer). It’s also relatively cheap. Keep reading this Daewoo QT1 review for more information about this interesting microwave.

Daewoo QT1 Compact
Daewoo QT1 Compact

Daewoo QT1 Features

The primary feature of the Daewoo QT1 compact microwave is its size. This is a microwave that’s built for small kitchens, such as those in apartments. The downside to this diminutive design is that the microwave only has a 14L capacity – far smaller than other compact microwaves such as the Panasonic NN-E281BMBPQ which has a 20L capacity (although this model is also significantly larger). The Daewoo QT1 is also only capable of 600W of power, so be prepared to wait longer if you’re used to a more powerful microwave.

Despite these minor disadvantages, the Daewoo QT1 compact microwave is a stylish and highly functional model. It’s perfect for people living alone or who rarely use the microwave, and is designed for simplicity. With its unique “chocolate” shape dials, attractive white colour scheme and soft, curvy design this is certainly a modern microwave.

Other features of the Daewoo QT1 compact microwave include a 255mm turntable (glass) and seven different power levels.

Overview of Daewoo QT1 features:

  • Compact microwave that’s perfect for small meals
  • Attractive design that suits any modern kitchen
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • 600W
  • 14L capacity
  • Seven power levels
  • Daewoo QT1 Dimensions (needs confirmation): 424mmx317mmx223mm

Daewoo QT1 Reviews

Despite its low power rating and small capacity, the Daewoo QT1 has received very positive reviews from people who’ve bought and used it.

Some of the positive comments from reviewers include:

  • Perfect for small meals
  • Looks fantastic on the work surface
  • Small size makes it suitable for small kitchens
  • A truly compact microwave

The obvious downsides are the power rating and size, although this is a microwave that’s designed for a very specific purpose.

Daewoo QT1 Conclusion and Rating

As a general purpose microwave the small capacity and low power rating means that the Daewoo QT1 compact microwave would struggle to keep up with other models at a similar price. If a compact size and style is important to you though, the QT1 is one of the best choices on the market.

Daewoo QT1 Compact
Daewoo QT1 Compact


  1. I bought one of these for my motorhome and I find it very economical on power. Only pulling about 93amps on a 12v invertor I can heat up a meal when the engines running and still have enough power to run my lights. All in all a good bargain.

  2. Perfect for the touring caravan due to its small size and low wattage which is exactly what’s required.

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