Delonghi Microwave Reviews – Which is the Company’s Best Microwave Oven?

Our #1 Delonghi Microwave Review

The Delonghi P90B1B solo microwave is our top pick out of all the models from this brand. It’s a powerful 900W appliance with a range of features, large 28 litre capacity and a stylish design. Highly recommended for families.

Delonghi P90B

Delonghi are one of the most popular UK microwave brands – and for good reason. The company’s models tend to be reliable and versatile, making a Delonghi microwave a great choice for family homes.

On this page, we’ve reviewed five of the best Delonghi microwaves on the market (at the time of writing). Each provides excellent performance and great value for money. You can also use the search bar to find individual Delonghi microwave reviews.

Delonghi P90B1B1. Delonghi P90B1B 900W Microwave

One of our top recommendations for a Delonghi microwave is the excellent P90B1B. It’s a powerful 900W model with a stylish stainless steel design, digital control panel and a variety of programs. The P90B1B also has a big 25 litre capacity, so you can use it for larger meals or cooking for multiple people.

The P90B1B has a stylish (if a little bulky) design with a digital display. There are eight buttons for selecting power, weight, presets and various other options, while the dial is used for cooking time. The range of options means you’ll probably want to spend a few minutes reading the manual, but it isn’t a complicated appliance to use.

With dimensions of 48x28x42 cm (WxHxD) it isn’t small or compact, but this is to be expected with a 25 litre capacity. Make sure you have enough space on your kitchen work surface before you buy though.

Other features include 8 preset programmes, a defrost mode and a child lock. The turntable has a diameter of 27cm, so it’s big enough for large dinner plates. With 900W power output, it also heats and cooks food relatively quickly.

The Delonghi P90B1B microwave oven is a great option for families. It’s a versatile appliance that’s capable of cooking food quickly, has a large capacity and isn’t too loud. We also think it provides excellent value for money, which is why it’s our top recommendation for a Delonghi microwave.

2. Delonghi AM82CXC Microwave

Delonghi AM82CXC

Another excellent Delonghi microwave is the AM82CXC. It’s smaller and less powerful than the P90B1B, but also cheaper and better suited to smaller kitchens. It’s an attractive model, although the stainless steel exterior means you’ll need to clean it regularly to avoid fingerprints.

Like most Delonghi microwaves, the AM82CXC cooks food quickly and evenly. Food doesn’t come out too dry and it’s effective at defrosting (food comes out evenly defrosted instead of patches remaining frozen.) We also like that it’s relatively quiet.

With a 20 litre capacity, this is far from the largest appliance in the Delonghi range. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – especially if you have a small kitchen – but means it’s probably not suited to large families. It’s also not big enough for large dinner plates, although average plates should be fine.

Other features include five power levels, automatic cook programmes (including potatoes and soup), automatic defrosting and automatic reheat programmes.

The Delonghi AM82CXC microwave is a solid option if you need a 20L model that cooks food quickly, yet doesn’t cost more than £80. It’s great at heating food evenly, which cheaper models often struggle to do, and has a variety of programmes and options. We don’t recommend it for large families though, as the turntable is relatively small.

Delonghi EC92 Combination Microwave3. Delonghi EC92 Combination Microwave

The first Delonghi combination microwave on our list is the EC92. It’s a large 28 litre appliance with 900W power, a 1000W grill and a convection oven that can heat up to 230 degrees Celsius. It’s also a stylish – if rather large – model that’s perfect for families who need more than just a basic microwave.

Unlike inferior combination models, the grill, microwave and convection modes all work efficiently. You can also use all three at the same time, if you wish, to speed up cooking while still getting the crisp taste. The large 28 litre capacity makes it suitable for big dinner plates, bowls and large amounts of food.

Other features include 10 programmes, for cooking for a variety of different types of food, and a defrost mode. The EC92 is an attractive model, so if you’re looking for a Delonghi black microwave to match your kitchen’s decor it’s an option to consider. It’s a large machine though, so make sure measure your work surface carefully to ensure it fits. It’s also relatively noisy, although this is to be expected from a powerful combination model.

Overall, the Delonghi EC92 combination microwave is a great option if you want to replace or supplement your existing convection oven. With its stylish touch screen control panel, variety of programmes and powerful grill and convection oven, it’s one of our top recommendations.

Delonghi P90D Red Microwave4. Delonghi P90D Easi-Tronic Microwave

If you’re looking for a Delonghi red microwave, perhaps to complement your existing kitchen appliances, the P90D is an option to consider. It features a similar design to the P90B1B, although it has a smaller 23 litre capacity. The appliance also has a range of settings and programmes.

Like the P90B1B, the P90D is a solo microwave with a 900W power output. This allows it to cook much faster than models with lower power ratings. It’s also great at heating and defrosting evenly, so you aren’t left with cold patches in your food.

The stylish red design is bold and certain to catch the eye. While this isn’t to everyone’s taste, if you already have red appliances the P90D will be a great match. The control panel is almost identical to the P90B, with eight buttons for settings, a simple LED display and a dial for cooking time.

Other features include a child lock, 27cm turntable and 8 auto-cook programmes. The model has dimensions of 48 x 28 x 40cm (WxHxD) and weighs 14kg, so it’s not as bulky as buying a Delonghi combination microwave. The interior also has an anti bacterial coating for improved hygiene.

The biggest drawback to this model is the 23 litre capacity. While there are much smaller models on the market, this probably isn’t the best choice for large families. For small meals or couples, however, it’s a great choice.

Overall, the Delonghi P90D red microwave is an excellent option for small families. Its 23 litre capacity provides just enough extra space to accommodate most dinner plates, and the 900W power output cooks evenly and quickly. If you need a red appliance, it’s definitely an option to consider.

Delonghi TM8 Flatbed5. Delonghi TM8 Flatbed Microwave

The TM8 is the only Delonghi flatbed microwave on this list. If you’ve never used a flatbed before, these models don’t require a turntable, which allows you to use all the interior for cooking. This particular model has received excellent reviews and comes with a range of useful features.

Let’s start with the design. It has a black front panel with stainless steel sides and top. It’s not most stylish appliance we’ve seen, but it’s not ugly either and will fit nicely into most kitchens. With a 23 litre capacity, the TM8 probably isn’t suited to large families – although this is partially offset by the flatbed design.

The TM8 has 800W microwave power, which is less than most Delonghi microwaves. Even so, it cooks food quickly and evenly, and includes a defrost option when needed. Other features include a child lock and LED control panel.

Of course, the stand-out feature of this model is the flatbed design. Aside from maximising available space, flatbeds are also easier to clean as you don’t need to worry about a turntable.

If you like the idea of a flatbed microwave, the Delonghi TM8 is a great option. It’s not the most powerful microwave on this list, nor is it the largest, but it’s a versatile model that’s perfectly suited to small families or couples.


Delonghi microwaves are amongst the most reliable and efficient on the market. The company produces a range of models and the majority can cook food evenly and quickly. Buyers also praise the reliability of the machines.

There are some minor drawbacks to Delonghi microwave ovens though. Most of the company’s models use pull handles, which mean the appliance can move if pulled too hard (we prefer push button doors). Some people also find the control panels to be more fiddly than other brands.

Despite these small issues, we’re big fans of Delonghi microwaves and highly recommend them. If you’re looking for a solo model that can cook quickly and has a range of features, we think the Delonghi P90B1B provides the best value for money, but you can’t go wrong with any of the options on this list.

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