Our #1 800W Microwave


800W is one of the most popular microwave categories – so it’s difficult to choose the best option. Our favourite at the moment is the Russell Hobbs RHM2079A Aura Digital Microwave. It’s a attractive, modern microwave with a range of auto cook settings.

Russell Hobbs RHM2079A

Which are the Best 800W Microwaves in the UK?

800W is probably the most common microwave power. It offers an excellent balance between price and efficiency, and if you’re used to using a 700W model you’ll notice a marked difference in cooking speed. Keep in mind that there is still a large variation in cooking speed among 800W microwaves, which is why it’s essential to read reviews before buying.

Our Top 5 800W Models

If you’re looking for a quick list, here’s our selection of the best 800W microwaves in the UK. Keep scrolling for a closer look at each one.

  1. Russell Hobbs RHM2079A Aura
  2. Tower T24010
  3. Russell Hobbs RHM2362S
  4. Swan SM22030CN
  5. Tower T24009 Manual

Now let’s take a look at each of these models in more detail. We should point out that the sheer quantity of 800W models on the market meant that this was the hardest list we’ve had to produce so far. But the good news is that this also means there are many excellent options, which has driven prices down to very reasonable levels.

1. Russell Hobbs RHM2079A Aura (our #1 recommendation)

The Russell Hobbs RHM2079A Aura is our top 800W microwave

The stylish white Aura is our top choice for an 800W model.

One of the best looking microwaves on the market right now, at least in our opinion, is the Russell Hobbs RHM2079A. With its attractive white colour scheme and black buttons, this is a model that won’t ruin your kitchen’s decor. Don’t assume it’s all style and no substance though – this is a high-quality microwave that’s received excellent reviews from buyers.

So what makes this model worthy of being our #1 800W model? Firstly, the RHM2079A is a 20 litre microwave, which is standard for this category of power output. It’s easy to use, with a combination of dial and button, and comes with a variety of automatic cook menus.

Most importantly, it cooks food quickly and evenly. While it’s marginally more expensive than most of the other models on this list, we believe the combination of style and performance make it a worthy choice. Click here to view its price.

2. Tower T24010 (fast & hassle-free cooking)

The Tower T24010 is a straightforward model

The Tower T24010 focuses on “hassle-free” cooking.

A close second to the RHM2079A is the Tower T24010. While it doesn’t have the clean appeal of our top ranked model, it’s still a stylish microwave with a sleek design and attractive black colour scheme. The mirrored door and curved handle also add to the classy appearance.

Features of the model include six power levels, a defrost setting and multiple stage cooking settings. Reviewers on shopping sites have praised how easy the model is to use and how quickly it cooks food compared to 800W models of a lower quality.

If you’re looking for an 800W model that cooks quickly and evenly, is easy to use and has a stylish black design, the Tower T24010 could be the perfect choice. Click here to see the Tower T24010’s price.

3. Russell Hobbs RHM2362S (23 litres for more space)

The Russell Hobbs RHM2362S is a 23 litre 800W microwave.

If you need a bit more space than a 20L model, the 23 litre Russell Hobbs RHM2362S is a good option.

If you need a little more space than a 20 litre model can provide, the RHM2362S is certainly an option to consider. While its 23 litre capacity is far from large (there are 40 litre models available), it’s more spacious than the other models on this list and can fit most dinner plates.

Aside from its interior capacity, this 800W microwave has a range of useful features. These include automatic cook menus, an automatic defrost mode and a removable glass turn-table.

While it’s true that it doesn’t come with too many advanced features, it does everything you need from an everyday solo model. It’s also been highly rated by buyers, who praise its simplicity and design. Click here for its price.

4. Swan SM22030CN (retro design)

Swan Retro Microwave

The Swan is one of the best looking 800W retro models.

While we always recommend buying a microwave based on its features and cooking speed, there’s no denying that appearance is an important consideration. Fortunately, the best 800W microwaves provide both – and the Swan SM22030CN is an excellent example. It features an attractive retro design and is available in eight different colours, so you’ll almost certainly find a colour that matches your kitchen.

Aside from its retro design, the Swan SM22030CN is an excellent 800 Watt microwave with a 20 litre capacity. It doesn’t have any advanced features, but has the basics such as five power levels, defrost mode and a 60 minute timer. If you’re looking for a retro model for cooking, reheating and defrosting, the Swan is a great choice. Click here to view its price.

5. Tower T24009 Manual (simplicity and ease of use)

The Tower T24009 manual microwave with pull handle

If you need a simple manual microwave, the T24009 is a good choice.

The final model on our list is for people who value simplicity above all else. The Tower T24009 is a manual model with a 20 litre capacity, 800W power output and a 30 minute timer. It’s controlled using two manual dials, and strips away all the fuss and complexity that is a part of many modern microwaves.

It should be obvious that if you’re looking for a model with automatic cook menus, auto defrost settings and other advanced features, the Tower T24009 is not the right choice. But if you just need a manual 800W microwave for simple and easy cooking, it’s one of the best options on the market. Click here to view its price.

Who Should Buy An 800W Model?

When it comes to 800W microwaves, there really are options for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a compact 17L microwave, or a much larger model, 800W is the most common power type. This is great when it comes to choosing a microwave, as there will almost certainly be a model with the features and programmes that you want.

There’s a huge range of styles and colours in the 800W microwave category. Whether you’re looking for a black, red, silver or white model, or need a microwave that matches the style of your kitchen, there are more options on the 800w category than any other.

That doesn’t mean that everyone should go for an 800W model though. If you have a large family, or you want to cook food as quickly as possible, then a more powerful microwave (such as a 900W or even a 1000W) might be the better option. If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to consider less powerful models which often come with a smaller price tag.

Which Manufacturers Produce 800 Watt Models?

Nearly every manufacture of microwaves has at least one model in the 800W category. Sharp, Russell Hobbs, Daewoo, Tower and Kenwood all have multiple options.

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