Tower T24009 Manual Black Microwave Review

Tower T24009 Manual Black Microwave Review

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At first glance, the Tower T24009 manual black microwave is an attractive model for a very reasonable price. It’s also received many positive reviews from buyers.

But how does the microwave perform on everyday tasks? And does it have any drawbacks? Let’s find out in our Tower T24009 review.

Tower T24009
The Tower T24009 manual microwave with pull handle    
Tower T24009

Note: We recently reviewed this model’s sister microwave – the Tower T24001. The two are very closely matched in terms of performance, with the differences being largely aesthetic.

The Tower T24009, which is the subject of this review, has a black colour scheme and pull handle door. The T24001, in contrast, is a silver model with push button door. The right one for your home depends on your personal preferences, as both are excellent models.

Overview of Features

  • Straightforward manual microwave that’s designed for no-fuss cooking
  • 800W microwave power for fast reheating, defrosting and cooking
  • Six power levels to give you more control over how food is cooked
  • Simple black design with silver handle and dials
  • 20 litre capacity is large enough for basic meals and most dinner plates
  • Pull handle door
  • Manual microwave with a maximum timer of 30 minutes
  • Glass turntable
  • Dimensions: 49.4cm x 38.2cm x 29.1cm

In-Depth Review

T24009 Handles and Dials

The silver handle and dials offsets the sleek black design in an attractive manner.


Let’s begin this Tower T24009 review by taking a look at the microwave’s design. It’s a stylish black model with  sleek silver handle. The two dials are black in the centre with a silver outer finish, which adds to the modern appearance of the microwave.

As we mentioned early in the review, this is a manual microwave. Instead of a digital control panel, manual models use mechanical dials to set both the cooking time and power. The great thing about manual machines is the simplicity – just set the dial to the correct time and wait for the chime to ring. However, manual microwaves don’t have advanced features (such as auto-defrost), and aren’t as precise when it comes to timing.

The T24009 has a maximum timer of 30 minutes. This is acceptable for basic cooking, but be aware that you will need to restart the machine if you want to cook for longer than 30 minutes on any power setting.

Cooking Power

As this is a budget microwave, you wouldn’t expect it to have the cooking power of an expensive combination model. The good news is that it is a 800W microwave, which means it cooks food relatively quickly.

If you want to reheat or defrost food, there are multiple power settings which are accessed from the first dial. These settings include a dedicated defrost option, which is useful if you want to defrost quickly.

Interior of the Tower T24009 showing the glass turntable

The interior is designed to be durable and easy to clean.

Convenience Features

The Tower T24009 is a basic microwave with a low price to match. For this reason, it doesn’t come with any advanced features, aside from the previously mentioned power settings.

It is, however, built to be easy to clean, which is important for any microwave – especially if you plan to use it often. The inner coating is durable and fast to wipe, while the exterior is also built to last. Additionally, the glass turntable can be removed when you need to clean it.

Value for Money

The Tower T24009 microwave is often available for less than £60, depending on deals available on various shopping sites, and for this price we think it provides exceptional value. It cooks food quickly and without unnecessary complexity, making it perfect for anyone who wants to cook or reheat simple foods. Be aware that the low price and manual design means the T24009 doesn’t come with extra features found on many other solo models though.

Selection of Tower T24009 Review Quotes

At the time of this review, the Tower T24009 manual microwave has been well received by buyers on shopping sites. With many positive reviews around the web, it’s clear that most reviewers feel the model provides strong value for money. Here’s a selection of positive comments about this appliance:

  • An attractive microwave that’s simple to use (you don’t even need to read the instructions).
  • Doesn’t confuse users with lots of buttons and settings – just two dials for stress-free cooking.
  • 20 litres is a relatively generous capacity given the low price.
  • Provides outstanding value.

We’ve written many microwave oven reviews, and there are always drawbacks to any model. With that in mind, here are some negative comments:

  • While most reviewers don’t complain about the 30 minute maximum timer, several mention that it would have been nice to have the option of cooking for longer.
  • A reviewer mentions that the plate on his T24009 often slips out of its groove.


If you need a simple manual microwave and are on a tight budget, the Tower T24009 is an option to consider. It provides excellent value for money and has been positively received by buyers.

It’s an attractive microwave – it certainly doesn’t look like a budget model – and cooks food relatively quickly. The 20 litre capacity is also suitable for most medium sized plates, although for larger plates you may want to check the interior dimensions.

Review Summary

Product: Tower T24009 Microwave
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Date Published: 10/28/2016
4.0 / 5 stars
Tower T24009
The Tower T24009 manual microwave with pull handle    
Tower T24009

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