Daewoo KOR7LBKM Retro Mint Microwave Oven Review

Daewoo KOR7LBKM Retro Mint Microwave Oven Review

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The Daewoo KOR7LBKM retro microwave is a stylish solo model produced by one of the UK’s top manufacturers. It has 800W power output, 20 litre capacity and a host of interesting features, but is it worth the money? And how does this Daewoo “mint” microwave, as the colour is described, perform when cooking?  Let’s find out in our Daewoo KOR7LBKM review.

There have been recent reports from reviewers about the door frame burning and a general burning smell from the KOR7LBKM, which is a potential fire hazard. While the Daewoo KOR7LBKM is an excellent microwave, hence the strong rating, we can’t recommend buying it until this has been addressed by the manufacturer. We will update this page when we hear more, but if you’re looking for a retro microwave this Swan model is a good alternative for now.

Overview of Features

  • Attractive microwave with a stylish retro design
  • 800W power for relatively fast cooking
  • 20 litre interior cavity
  • 5 microwave power levels for cooking various types of foods
  • LED digital display
  • Dimensions: 44.6 x 27.0 x 32.3 cm
  • Weight: 10.g kg

In-Depth Review

We have to admit, the Daewoo KOR7LBKM snuck up on us. We usually try to review the most popular microwaves quickly, but this model has been out for over a year before we realised we missed it (sorry for that!). Here’s a belated in-depth look at this stylish microwave.


When it comes to 20 litre microwaves with 800W power ratings, there are usually very few things to tell each model apart. This isn’t the case with the Daewoo KOR7LBKM, which has an attractive retro design that compares favourably with the bulky appearance of many microwaves (if you like this style, click here to go to our retro page).

To create the retro feel, the KOR7LBKM has lovely rounded corners along with a grooved silver handle. These, along with the bevelled silver nobs and digital display, remind you instantly of a 1960’s American diner.

The colour of the KOR7LBKM is called “mint,” although we would probably refer to it as a pastel green microwave. If green isn’t your thing, the microwave is available in a range of different colours including red, black, white and cream. If you’re a fan of the retro look, then the KOR7LBKM is probably one of the most attractive microwaves available at the moment.

If you love the mint colour and retro design of the KOR7LBKM, and want your other appliances to match its style, then the Breville Strara kettle complements the colour perfectly and has received strong reviews from buyers.

Cooking Power

As we mentioned, the Daewoo KOR7LBKM is an 800w microwave. This allows it to cook food relatively quickly and evenly, while keeping the cost to a very reasonable £75 RRP (although you can often find it for cheaper than that).

Five power levels are included with the KOR7LBKM. This allows you to adjust how different types of food gets cooked, depending on whether you are defrosting, reheating or just cooking.

Microwave cooking isn’t all about power output though. That’s why the KOR7LBKM comes with concave reflectors in the cavity, which helps to evenly distribute energy throughout food. Additionally, a dual wave system is employed to make sure there are no cold sections.

Convenience Features

Aside from the five power levels, the Daewoo KOR7LBKM comes with several other convenience features. These include an automatic defrost mode, child safety lock and one touch cook menus.

One of the best features of this model is the “Zero Standby” mode. As the name suggests, this is a button that instantly cuts power to the microwave when not in use. It is estimated that electricity used by devices on standby accounts for around 10% of a a typical household’s energy bills, so this is a welcome feature and also good for the environment.

Value for Money

Considering the Daewoo KOR7LBKM has a recommended retail price of just £75, we think it provides great value. The eco-saving button will please anyone who wants to reduce their energy bills, and the combination of concave reflectors and dual wave system cooks food quickly and evenly. It’s also surprisingly powerful, at 800W, for a cheap microwave.

The good news is that the KOR7LBKM is often available for considerably less than the RRP on shopping sites, which increases its value for money even further.

Selection of Daewoo KOR7LBKM Review Quotes

Despite us overlooking the KOR7LBKM initially, the microwave has received some excellent reviews from buyers. Here’s a selection of positive comments:

  • It looks great, especially if you want a kitchen with a retro American-diner feel.
  • The door handle, in contrast to a push button door, makes it easy to open and eliminates one potential source of failure.
  • ECO button means it’s easy to completely turn off the model without using the switch at the wall.
  • It cooks relatively quickly considering the low price.
  • Combination of digital display and control knob makes it fast and precise when it comes to setting cooking times.

And now some negative comments:

  • Two reviewers have claimed the door of their KOR7LBKM caught fire or melted. This is a serious fire risk. Even though it could have been caused by them putting something unsuitable in the microwave, it’s still important to take these reviews seriously until Daewoo respond.
  • While the model isn’t small, reviewers doubt it would fit a large dinner plate.
  • A reviewer mentions that the plate starts revolving when not in use, which can cause unnecessary noise.


The Daewoo KOR7LBKM retro microwave oven is an excellent model. While the manufacturer could be forgiven for producing a bare-bones microwave at this price point, Daewoo have included a range of useful features such as auto cook menus, ECO button and auto defrost setting. If you’re looking for a retro microwave, this model provides great value for money.

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