Our #1 Green Microwave

There aren’t too many green microwaves on the market – but the Swan Products Retro Digital Microwave is certainly an option to consider. It’s a 20 litre model with a stylish retro design, five power levels and 800W power, making it a decent all-rounder for reheating and occasional cooking. It’s also available in both lime green and a darker green.


Green microwave range from the subtle and stylish, such as certain Daewoo models, to the bold and futuristic (we’re looking at you Fagor Spoutnik!) If you’re looking for a microwave that’s a little different, then a green model may be the perfect option. Listed below are all the green microwaves we’ve reviewed, with product specifications and buyer’s opinions.

There are a variety of different types of green. The futuristic bright green of the Fagor Spoutnik, for example, is likely to appeal to a different market than the more subdued and stylish Daewoo QT2. When choosing a microwave, it’s important to choose a colour that matches the existing decor of your kitchen.

Unfortunately, green microwaves are relatively hard to come by at the moment. It’s an unusual colour, so there aren’t too many manufacturers producing models with a green colour scheme. The models listed below are the exception to the rule.

While green is an attractive colour, there are limited options when buying a microwave in this category, and finding a large combination or grill microwave is almost impossible. This means that you should be careful about buying a green microwave based on colour alone – it’s more important to choose an appliance that satisfies your personal requirements.

We regularly review new microwaves – including green models – so if you don’t find the right appliance for you, please keep checking back.

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