Fagor SPOUT7GF Spoutnik 700W Green Microwave Review

Fagor SPOUT7GF Spoutnik 700W Green Microwave Review

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, the SPOUT7GF is quite hard to find these days. If you’re looking for a solo microwave though, the Russell Hobbs RHM2362S is our recommended model. Click here for the RHM2362S’s price.

The Fagor SPOUT7GF Spoutnik green microwave is undeniably the weirdest looking model we’ve reviewed. While we often praise Whirlpool for their innovative designs, the Fagor SPOUT7GF takes microwave shapes to an entirely new level. With its luminous green colour scheme, spherical shape and full 360 degree vision, we’re almost certain you’ve never seen anything quite like it. But does it perform as well as a regular microwave? Keep reading this Fagor SPOUT7GF Spoutnik review for more information.

Fagor SPOUT7GF Features

Model depicted is not green version.

Model depicted is not green version.

The unique design of the Fagor SPOUT7GF Spoutnik definitely falls into the love it or hate it category. Some people will love that their microwave, which is usually a boring kitchen appliance, is transformed into a conversation starter. Others will think the microwave is an eye sore and tacky. One thing is for certain – the design is the main selling point of this microwave. Aside from the spherical shape, this is a standard model almost every respect.

The Fagor SPOUT7GF green spherical microwave has a 700W maximum power output, with four different levels. It comes with a 28cm turntable, which is the same size as the Whirlpool Max 35, and the glass turntable is illuminated for extra aesthetic appeal.

It’s a compact microwave that’s designed to minimize space on the kitchen work surface. The panoramic vision of the food also makes it easy to see when things are starting to overcook or boil over. Other features include an LCD control panel, easy to clean layout and green colour scheme (the microwave is also available in blue and purple).

Overview of features:

  • Spherical shape to minimize kitchen work surface space while maintaining a spacious interior.
  • 28 cm glass turntable
  • 700W power output
  • Four microwave power levels
  • 360 view of food while cooking

Fagor SPOUT7GF Reviews

The Fagor SPOUT7GF Spoutnik green solo 700W microwave hasn’t received many reviews, but those who have rated it have been impressed with their purchase. It currently has a very respectable average rating on shopping sites at the time of writing, but this is from a relatively small amount of reviews. This means you should be careful before you to commit to buying.

Positive comments from reviewers about the Fagor SPOUT7GF include:

  • Design means that most people wouldn’t even realise that it’s a microwave.
  • Simple to use.
  • Easy to see what’s going on within the cavity, making it harder to spoil or burn food.
  • Quiet operation.

Negative comments include:

  • One reviewer mentions that the construction feels cheap and flimsy.
  • Cooking area is too shallow for deep jugs or bowls.
  • Only 700W so food cooks relatively slowly.

Fagor SPOUT7GF Conclusion

The Fagor SPOUT7GF Spoutnik microwave is certainly one of the most interesting models we’ve reviewed. It does, however, have a relatively underpowered specification for a high price of nearly £200. Considering you can buy a number of more advanced models for far cheaper, such as the Russell Hobbs RHM2080BR and Whirlpool Max 38 with grill, the only reason to buy this microwave is if you love the design.

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  1. Very weird microwave….

    DOes it rotate like a normal microwave?

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