Russell Hobbs RHM2080BR Black 20L Microwave Review

Russell Hobbs RHM2080BR Black 20L Microwave Review

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The Russell Hobbs RHM2080BR black 20L microwave has one of the most futuristic designs that we’ve reviewed so far. It features a sleek black design with red handle and buttons, and we think it looks fantastic (if a little over the top). Aside from its appearance, it’s a relatively basic microwave with 800W power and a 20L capacity. Keep reading this Russell Hobbs RHM2080BR review for more information about the product’s features.

Russell Hobbs RHM2080BR
Russell Hobbs RHM2080BR

Russell Hobbs RHM2080BR Features


The RHM2080BR will certainly stand out in the kitchen!

The 20L capacity of the Russell Hobbs RHM2080BR solo microwave makes it suitable for small households, but probably not large enough for big families. If you plan on cooking large meals in casserole dishes or on big dinner plates then this probably isn’t the right microwave. For reheating foods and ready meals, 20L is more than enough.

Other features of the Russell Hobbs RHM2080BR digital microwave include a weight defrost function, automatic cook settings, 800W power output and five different microwave power levels. The features of the microwave aren’t exciting, but for the relatively low price tag it appears to do the basics well.

Overview of features:

  • Attractive and futuristic design
  • 20L interior capacity
  • 800W power output
  • Weight defrost setting
  • Automatic cook menus
  • Five power levels
  • Mirrored finish to the door
  • Clock, digital timer and simple control panel

Russell Hobbs RHM2080BR Reviews

The Russell Hobbs RHM2080BR black digital microwave currently has a relatively high average rating on shopping sites. This is a solid ranking and shows that most buyers are happy with the product.

Positive comments from reviewers include:

  • Spacious interior cavity despite the 20L capacity
  • 800W power output means food cooks quickly – if you’ve owned a 700W model before you’ll really notice the difference
  • Simple to use and does the basics efficiently
  • Attractive colour scheme that looks great on the work surface

Some minor issues that reviewers had with the product included:

  • Door is stiff to open
  • Several reviewers mentioned that the microwave is louder than others they’ve owned
  • Lack of rubber feet means that the microwave sometimes slides on work surface

Russell Hobbs RHM2080BR Conclusion

There are a number of microwaves in this price bracket that essentially do the same thing, but the Russell Hobbs RHM2080BRj is one of the best. It looks fantastic, has preset programmes for extra convenience and is available for a relatively low price tag. Other options to consider in this price bracket include Daewoo KOR6L5R and Sharp R27STMA.

Russell Hobbs RHM2080BR
Russell Hobbs RHM2080BR

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