Whirlpool Max 38 Crisp Microwave Review

Whirlpool Max 38 Crisp Microwave Review

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The Whirlpool Max 38 Crisp microwave is the bigger brother of the excellent Whirlpool 35. It features a similar design, and includes a range of unique features. The stand out element of the Max 38 is its unique crisp system, which browns crisps without needing oil or fat. Keep reading our Whirlpool Max 38 review for more information about the product and its features.

Whirlpool Max 38
Whirlpool Max 38

Whirlpool Max 38 Features

The Whirlpool range of microwaves is one of the most innovative on the market today. While other companies are focused on releasing marginal improvements that stick to the standard microwave design, Whirlpool are aiming to do something truly different. For the most part, this innovation works well and is a welcome relief.

The crisp function is an interesting feature of the Whirlpool Max 38. The combined microwave and grill work together to create a high temperature environment inside the cavity. This produces crunchy, satisfying food that most microwaves struggle to achieve.

As you’d expect, the Whirlpool 38 microwave is built with the company’s Max design. This is effectively a curbed back, which allows for a large turntable while taking up less space on the work surface compared with regular square microwaves. The front panel is designed to be stylish, with a dark glass construction and easy to clean layout.

Other features include 3D microwave distribution system and a jet defrost system, which defrosts food evenly and quickly. This function can be setup with just a few simple clicks.

Overview of Whirlpool Max 38 features:

  • The Max 38 comes with a quartz grill, which helps to grill faster and more efficiently.
  • Unique crisp system for browning without burning.
  • Interesting and unique design aims to save space in the kitchen.
  • 28cm turntable that’s equivalent to a larger 23L model
  • “3D” cooking system for even and reliable heating
  • One touch operation
  • 750W microwave (variable output for different types of foods)
  • Both Whirlpool Max 38 Black and White designs are available

Whirlpool Max Crisp 38 Reviews

There’s no doubt that the Whirlpool Max 38 is an impressive product. People who’ve bought the machine and reviewed it on shopping sites¬†have been impressed with the products features and design.

As one reviewer mentions, the Whirlpool Max 38 has a number of features but none that feel gimmicky or useless in real life. While it’s only a 750W microwave, reviewers mention that it still cooks food relatively quickly. It doesn’t, of course, cook as quickly as some of the more powerful microwaves on the market (take a look at the 1000W microwave category for that).

Other positive comments by reviewers include that the Max 38 provides excellent value for money, really does sae space in the kitchen and the crisping functions works as intended.

One thing to be aware of is that the height of the microwave isn’t as big as others of a similar size. This is so that the Whirlpool Max 38 can save space, but if you use tall jugs in the microwave regularly you should check the dimensions first.

Conclusion and Rating

We think the Whirlpool Max 38 Crisp microwave is a fantastic product. It’s relatively inexpensive for a grill microwave, has an interesting shape that saves space on your work surface and cooks food evenly and efficiently. While the design may not suit everyone’s tastes, if you like the futuristic appearance we highly recommend the Max 38. For a more conventional space saving microwave take a look at the Daewoo QT1 600W Microwave.

Whirlpool Max 38
Whirlpool Max 38

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  1. Just purchased Whirlpool Max 38 – what a fabulous unit!! Looks great and fits so neatly into corner on my granite bench, silver with black glass front. Summary instructions are easy to follow and then it’s just practice to get timings right. The first one I received had a faulty fan, but was promptly replaced with no bother, I was just unlucky – no problem. It was more expensive than some but definitely worth it – ¬£126. Would definitely recommend!!

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