Red Whirlpool Max 35 Solo And Steam Microwave Review

Red Whirlpool Max 35 Solo And Steam Microwave Review

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Unfortunately, the Whirlpool Max 35 range isn’t widely available anymore. The Russell Hobbs RHM2362S is a good alternative if you want a 23 litre model, although it doesn’t have the rounded design. Click here for the price of the RHM2362S.

The Whirlpool Max 35 red solo and steam microwave is one of our favourite models. The curved back design, red colour scheme and range of features make this one of the most interesting microwaves on the market. Keep reading this Whirlpool Max 35 red microwave review for more information about the product.

Whirlpool Max 35 Red Features

The Whirlpool Max 35 Red microwave has the same features as the cream version that we recently reviewed, so let’s start with the appearance. Unlike most microwaves, which are nearly always rectangular, the Whirlpool Max series of microwaves has a rounded back. This is perfect for saving space, as it means the microwave can fit into corners.

As the turntable is round, you don’t lose much effective interior size either. In fact, Whirlpool claims that the 28cm turntable is the same as much larger models.

The unique design of the Whirlpool Max 35 Red microwave isn’t the only interesting feature though. It comes with “Jet Start,” a function that lets you start the microwave with one touch without having to set time, level and power separately. The “3D Distribution” system means that the microwave heats evenly throughout the interior cavity, and also cooks food faster than traditional microwaves.

Other features include an automatic steam accessory, automatic control system for easy steaming, and a Jet Defrost function. The Whirlpool Max 35 Red microwave really is one of the most feature packed models on the market, and for the price it also provides excellent value for money.

Overview of features:

  • Unique curved design meaning the microwave can easily fit into corners without reducing the size of the turntable.
  • Attractive red design.
  • 2D distribution system for even and fast cooking.
  • Automatic steam function.
  • 700W microwave
  • Bottle holder – keeps baby bottles secure when reheating.
  • Jet defrost for fast and even defrosting

Whirlpool Max 35 Red Microwave Reviews

The red Whirlpool Max 25 microwave has received very positive reviews from buyers. It’s one of the most highly rated microwaves on the market at the moment (at the time of writing). We’ve summarised what buyers liked and didn’t like about the product below.

Positive comments about the red Whirlpool Max 35:

  • Excellent steam function that’s fast and easy to use.
  • Jet Defrost system is also fast and defrosts evenly.
  • Curved back means the microwaves takes up a lot less space.
  • Relatively fast cooking times despite the 700W power output, which is less than many other models.
  • Perfect for small kitchens where space saving is important.
  • Attractive design that suits almost any kitchen.
  • Easy to clean.

There are a few downsides, according to reviewers, including:

  • Turntable appears to keep turning after microwave has finished unless you open the door.
  • Slightly expensive for a relatively low powered microwave.
  • Instructions are brief and don’t cover all functions fully.

Whirlpool Max 35 Red Solo and Steam Microwave Conclusion

We think that the red Whirlpool Max 35 microwave is an excellent option if you need to combine space saving design with a versatile model. While it is expensive for a low powered microwave, the unique features make up for this. If you’re looking for a compact microwave then the Whirlpool Max 35 is definitely an option to consider.


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