Daewoo KOR6N35S 20L Solo White Microwave Review

Daewoo KOR6N35S 20L Solo White Microwave Review

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The Daewoo KOR6N35S 20L white solo microwave is an interesting model. It features what can only be described as a chaotic front panel, along with a bright white colour scheme and concave reflex cooking system. In this Daewoo KOR6N35S review, we’ll discuss the main features of the product in greater depth, before moving onto reviewer’s opinions.

Daewoo KOR6N35S
Daewoo KOR6N35S

Daewoo KOR6N35S Features


The KOR6N35S has a stainless steel interior cavity.

The Daewoo KOR6N35S microwave doesn’t have any stand out features, but are designed to do the basics efficiently and effectively. The model has a 20 litre capacity, making it perfect for a small kitchen, and 800W power output. The microwaves also use a concave reflex cooking system, which cooks food faster and more evenly.

The Daewoo KOR6N35S white microwave has a design that departs from the ultra smooth and curved front panels we’re used to seeing from modern microwaves. The jagged line of the door makes the whole design feel more “edgy,” and it’s refreshing to see a different take on microwave design. The KOR6N35S doesn’t have the functional design differences that Whirlpool microwaves often have, but it’s an attractive model nonetheless.

Other features of the Daewoo KOR6N35S solo microwave oven include a 35 min timer, stainless steel interior cavity and five different power levels.

Overview of features:

  • 20L microwave with 800W power output
  • Concave reflex cooking system for even cooking
  • Durable and robust stainless steel interior cavity
  • Five microwave power levels
  • Attractive and interesting design

Daewoo KOR6N35S Reviews

Out of 17 reviews, the Daewoo KOR6N35S microwave has a high rating on shopping sites. This makes it one of the highest rated microwaves on the market, although it does have fewer reviews that many other models. Most people who’ve bought and reviewed the microwave appear to be extremely happy with their purchase.

The first positive comment from reviewers is that the Daewoo KOR6N35S compact microwave doesn’t take up much work surface space. It can, however, still fit a medium sized dinner plate. Reviewers also mention that the product is easy and simple to use.

Other positive comments include that the Daewoo KOR6N35S is fast to clean, highly functional and relatively quiet after the first few seconds of operation. Some negative comments include that it’s quite loud to begin with, and some people aren’t too keen on the front panel design.

Daewoo KOR6N35S Conclusion

If you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive microwave the Daewoo KOR6N35S solo white microwave could be the perfect option. It’s fast and efficient at cooking, compact and still spacious enough for medium sized plates. For alternatives we recommend looking at the Red Whirlpool Max 35 and Daewoo KOR6L5R.

Daewoo KOR6N35S
Daewoo KOR6N35S

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