Swan Retro 20L 800W Red Microwave Review

Swan Retro 20L 800W Red Microwave Review

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If you’re looking for a microwave with more style than the average sleek design, then look no further! The Swan Retro is designed to bring back memories of days gone by – but that doesn’t mean it’s not a capable microwave too. Keep reading for more information about this stylish little model…

Swan Retro 20L 800W Red
Swan Retro 20L 800W Red

Note: The Swan Retro is available in a range of colours – including black, blue, cream and green. Click the info link above and then select your favourite colour.

Swan Retro Microwave Features

There’s no denying it: the Swan Retro digital microwave is one of the most attractive models on the market (if you like retro design). It has a rounded digital clock, metallic handle and a 70s style exterior curving that provides real character. For that reason, we’ve awarded it five stars for style (although, of course, it’s not for everyone).

The next thing to note is that it’s a relatively powerful microwave, with an 800W rating. This is a welcome surprise – many “novelty” microwaves sacrifice power and performance for appearance, but that’s not the case with the Swan Retro.

Other features, such as five power levels, an interior capacity of 20 litres and a defrost setting mean that this is a solid all-round microwave. It doesn’t have many advanced features – but you wouldn’t expect them from a solo model in this price range.

Overview of Swan Retro Features:

  • An attractive retro design that will certainly stand-out compared to other microwaves.
  • 800W power rating for fast reheating and cooking.
  • Five power levels for different tasks.
  • A 20L interior capacity.
  • 2 year warranty provided by Swan.

Swan Retro Microwave Reviews

The Swan Retro red microwave has received excellent reviews. At the time of writing, the product has a high average on shopping sites – especially compared to many others in this price range.

Some of the positive comments from reviewers include that it has a “classy” design, is easy to clean and cooks food relatively quickly. A reviewer also mentions that the Swan Retro is extremely easy to use (it doesn’t overcomplicate the cooking process like many microwaves).

One of the downsides is that the product doesn’t have an energy saving mode when not in use. This means you need to turn it off at the switch if you want to save energy overnight.

Swan Retro Microwave Summary and Rating

We love the style of the Swan Retro microwave. In a world where most microwaves look depressingly similar, it’s great to see a company make something a bit different. Not only that, but the 800W power rating and strong performance make it easy for us to recommend this microwave to anyone looking for a retro solo model. We’ve awarded it 4 stars – with the only downside being that it’s a bit more expensive than models with similar features (although without the style).

Review Summary

Product: Swan Retro Microwave
Written by: MicrowaveReview.co.uk
Date Published: 09/15/2015
4.0 / 5 stars
Swan Retro 20L 800W Red
Swan Retro 20L 800W Red


  1. I bought a Swan retro microwave in May 2016, this year. I have other appliances, a fridge freezer and a kettle in the same style and wanted a microwave to match.Despite treating it very carefully and wiping out after every use, the paint has deteriorated, peels off and the base of the machine is now rusty. I am exceedingly disappointed. I contacted Swan who said this shouldn’t happen and to contact Amazon whom I purchased it from. I can’t find any way of doing this but in any case feel it is a problem with manufacture and not supply.

    • Hi Liz, have you tried logging into your Amazon and going to their returns support centre? As you bought in May there won’t be an option to refund, but there should be a link to contact Amazon and ask them for a replacement. You’re right, that shouldn’t happen to the paint in such a short time. Good luck!

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