Akai A24002 Manual 800W Microwave Review

Akai A24002 Manual 800W Microwave Review

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The Akai A24002 800W silver microwave is a relatively basic model with a low price to match. If you’re looking for a cheap, reliable microwave, then on paper it looks like an excellent choice. But does it live up to expectations?  Keep reading this article to find out the Akai A24002’s features and what buyers think  of the product.

Akai A24002
Akai A24002    
Akai A24002

Akai A24002 Features

The Akai A24002 is an 800W model. That means it comes with enough power to cook food relatively quickly, but also keeps the price low compared to more expensive 900W or 1000W microwaves. It also comes with six different power levels – allowing you to cook a variety of foods – and a range of automatic programmes. This makes cooking, reheating and defrosting with the Akai A24002 much easier than models without these features.

The capacity of the A24002 is 20 litres. This is the “standard” size for most solo models, and means the A24002 is big enough for medium-sized dinner plates. We recommend a larger microwave if you want to cook big meals though.

In terms of appearance, the A24002 is a stylish microwave that certainly doesn’t look “cheap.” While it doesn’t have the style of retro models such as the Swan 800W, it will blend into almost any kitchen without being an eye sore.

Other features include a child lock – which stops kids from changing programs – and an extended warranty. The interior of the A24002 is also designed with an acrylic lining, which makes it fast and easy to clean.

Overview of Akai A24002 microwave features:

  • 800W microwave
  • A range of automatic cooking programmes
  • Six power levels
  • Acrylic lining for easy cleaning
  • Child lock
  • 20L interior capacity
  • Extended warranty

Akai A24002 Reviews

Most reviewers appear to be satisfied with the Akai A24002 microwave. It has a high average rating (at least at the time of writing – 16/09/2015 ) on UK shopping sites.

Some of the positive comments from reviewers include that it provides astonishing value for money, strikes the perfect balance between size and not taking up too much counter space and is simple to use. A reviewer also mentions that it’s an attractive solo microwave.

One reviewer points out that the button to open the door can occasionally get stuck. This is a minor problem, however, considering the excellent performance and low price.

Akai A24002 Summary and Rating

The Akai A24002 doesn’t have many advanced features – such as a grill or auto-defrost setting – but that’s because it’s designed to be a simple, straightforward model that provides great value.  Looking at customer reviews, it appears that Akai have met these goals. For that reason, we’ve awarded it four stars and recommend this model if you want to buy a solo microwave.

Review Summary

Product: Akai A24002 Microwave
Written by: MicrowaveReview.co.uk
Date Published: 09/16/2015
4.0 / 5 stars
Akai A24002
Akai A24002    
Akai A24002

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