Tower T24001 20 Litre Microwave Review

Tower T24001 20 Litre Microwave Review

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The Tower T24001 silver manual microwave is a solo model with 800W power, 20 litre interior capacity and a push button door. Its manufacturer isn’t as well known as brands such as Russell Hobbs, but the model has received positive feedback from buyers. But does it live up to expectations? And is it overpriced?

That’s what we’ll find out in this Tower T24001 review. We’ll go through the main features of the solo model in detail, before taking a look at buyer comments to see what they thought of their purchase.

Tower T24001
Tower T24001 Microwave    
Tower T24001

Overview of Features

  • 800W microwave
  • 6 power levels
  • Easy to clean durable coating
  • 20 litre capacity
  • Manual model with 30 minutes max timer
  • Push button door
  • Turntable: 245mm glass
  • Dimensions: 33.5cm x 45.2cm x 26.2cm

In-Depth Review


Dials of the Tower T24001

The T24001 is a manual microwave with two dials.

As with all our microwave reviews, let’s start with the Tower T24001’s design. It’s a relatively simple model, at least in-terms of appearance, with a silver exterior, black door (and control panel) and push button opening. One thing to note is that this model has a silver colouring, but isn’t made from metal.

It is a manual microwave. This means it’s controlled using two dials – one for power and the other for time – instead of a digital control panel.

Whether this is a good or bad thing depends on your personal preference. Manual models are easier to use and less confusing, but digital models provide more accurate control over cooking times.

Cooking Power

The T24001 is an 800W model, which is the standard power for most solo microwaves. 800W models can cook, reheat and defrost quickly, so you won’t be waiting a long time for your food.

While Tower describes the model’s interior as “large,” it only has a 20 litre capacity which we would class as average. If you have a small family or just use a microwave for reheating and cooking the occasional meal, 20 litres is fine. But for large families or more involved cooking, you may want to look at a larger model.

The microwave also comes with six power levels depending on the type of food you’re cooking.

Convenience Features

T24001 Interior

The T24001’s interior is made with easy-to-clean material.

The interiors of microwaves can quickly become splashed with food, so an easy-to-clean design is essential. Fortunately, both the interior and exterior of the Tower T24001 are made with durable materials that can be wiped clean with a soft cloth.

Like most modern microwaves, the T24001 comes with a push button door, making removing hot plates more convenient.

Value for Money

With an RRP of £99.99, we think the Tower T24001 silver microwave is verging on being overpriced. However, it is often available for considerably less than this – sometimes as much as 45% off – which makes it much more reasonable. If you can find the T24001 for around £60, we think it provides comparable value with many of the best solo microwaves.

Selection of Tower T24001 Review Quotes

Tower T24001 microwave reviews from buyers have been very positive at the time of writing, with the model achieving high ratings on shopping sites. Here are a selection of comments praising the T24001:

  • Very simple to operate even when using different power levels.
  • “Does the job” of cooking without being too complicated or having niggling uses.
  • Transparent door allows you to see when your food is cooked.
  • Plate never comes off the rollers.
  • Provides excellent value for money.

And some negative comments:

  • A relatively noisy microwave.
  • One reviewer mentions that it’s difficult to initially place the turntable into the groove.
  • The height of the interior is too small for microwavable rice packets to stand upright.


If you need a simple manual microwave that cooks and reheats without all the bells and whistles, the Tower T24001 silver microwave could be the perfect option. It has a stylish appearance, simple controls, and cooks food relatively quickly. Click here for the latest price.

Review Summary

Product: Tower T24001 800W Microwave
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Date Published: 10/28/2016
4.0 / 5 stars
Tower T24001
Tower T24001 Microwave    
Tower T24001

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