Which are the Best Tower Microwaves?

If you’re looking for a reliable mid-range microwave, a Tower model could be a good option. But which are the best Tower microwaves? And are there models you should avoid? Keep reading to find out!

Tower microwaves tend to be mid-range options in terms of price, size and features. The majority of their microwaves are solo models (both digital and manual) and are designed for basic reheating and cooking.

The designs of Tower microwaves tend to be standard for home appliances, with most being either black or white, so they probably aren’t the best choice if you want a microwave that stands out. They have some interesting models though – including an air fryer, combi and grill microwave.

Who Are Tower?

Tower is a British brand that produces a range of kitchen appliances. Some of their most popular products include saucepans, pressure cookers and a variety of electrical items. With over 100 years of experience building kitchen products, Tower is known for their reliability and high-quality products.

As we mentioned, Tower appliances are typically mid-range when it comes to cost. They certainly aren’t the cheapest on the market, but provide excellent value. Many have also been highly rated by buyers, which we think is an important metric when judging the quality of a brand.

The company produces a range of microwaves. Most are around 20-23 litres with 800W power output. This is even true for their combination microwaves, so the company might be a good choice if you want a combi without spending too much money.

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