Samsung MG23F301TAK/EU 23L Black Microwave Grill Review

Samsung MG23F301TAK/EU 23L Black Microwave Grill Review

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The Samsung MG23F301TAK/EU black grill microwave is a 23L model from one of the most well-known electronics brands in the world. But is it worth the money? And what do reviewers think of it? Keep reading to find out.

Samsung MG23F301TAK/EU 23L
Samsung MG23F301TAK/EU 23L

Samsung MG23F301TAK/EU Black Microwave Features

Let’s start with the stand-out feature of the Samsung MG23F301TAK/EU: the grill. The MG23F301TAK/EU can achieve “oven like” results by combining the grill with the microwave to give you crispier, more satisfying food. The model also comes with a “3 antenna” design – which, in practice, means that food should be cooked more evenly.

As you’d expect from a Samsung device, the MG23F301TAK/EU is a stylish model. It has the sleek and curved design you associate with Samsung mobile phones, yet is still understated enough to look good in a regular kitchen (unlike some of the more extreme examples we’ve reviewed). It also has an attractive “ice blue” display and dial controls.

Moving away from the design of the Samsung MG23F301TAK/EU, the model has a maximum power output of 800W. This is probably the most common microwave power, and means that the MG23F301TAK/EU can cook food relatively quickly. Other features include a ceramic interior that’s bacteria resistant, an easy to clean design and a 23 litre capacity.

Overview of Samsung MG23F301TAK/EU grill microwave features:

  • 800W power
  • Grill for browning and crisping.
  • A stylish black design that will suit almost any kitchen.
  • Easy to clean design.
  • 3-antenna system for more even cooking.

Samsung MG23F301TAK/EU Reviews

Reviews of the Samsung MG23F301TAK/EU grill black microwave on shopping sites are generally positive. At the time of writing, the model has a reasonable average rating (although this can change over time).

Let’s start with the positives. A reviewer writes that the microwave design will match the style of most modern kitchens. She adds that it cooks food efficiently, but that it’s slightly too lightweight (meaning it can move slightly when using the door). Another reviewer writes that the microwave functions well as a basic grill model.

Now onto the negatives. It appears that the two 1-star reviews (at the time of writing) are related to broken models which needed to be returned. While these are unfortunate, and shouldn’t be ignored, all microwaves have occasional bad batches and this doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the model.

Samsung MG23F301TAK/EU Rating and Conclusion

We’ve awarded the Samsung MG23F301TAK/EU black grill microwave four stars. It’s a stylish, functional model that’s a good option if you want a relatively inexpensive grill microwave.

Review Summary

Product: Samsung MG23F301TAK/EU Microwave
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Date Published: 10/26/2015
4.0 / 5 stars
Samsung MG23F301TAK/EU 23L
Samsung MG23F301TAK/EU 23L

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