Panasonic NN-E281BMBPQ Black Compact Microwave Review

Panasonic NN-E281BMBPQ Black Compact Microwave Review

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The Panasonic NN-E281BMBPQ black compact microwave is an attractive, modern microwave oven that comes with a range of useful features. It’s an 800W microwave with a 20L capacity, and includes 5 different power levels. Nine auto programs are also included, and the microwave is designed with an acrylic lining to make it easy to clean. Keep reading this Panasonic NN-E281BMBPQ review for more information about the microwave.

Panasonic NN-E281BMBPQ
Panasonic NN-E281BMBPQ

Panasonic NN-E281BMBPQ Features

The Panasonic NN-E281BMBPQ microwave is priced competitively, making it a middle of the range solo oven. If you’re looking for a simple, stylish model that does the basics well, then the Panasonic NN-E281BMBPQ could be a good option.

It’s an 800W microwave with a capacity of 20L. Nine automatic programs are included, making it easy to cook a range of foods. Five different manual levels can also be selected. The Panasonic NN-E281BMBPQ also comes with a child lock for peace of mind.

The Panasonic NN-E281BMBPQ 20L compact microwave is also an attractive model. It features a futuristic front panel and sleek black design. The microwave also comes with a digital timer.

Overview of Panasonic NN-E281BMBPQ features:

  • 20L microwave
  • 800W
  • 9 automatic programs
  • Five power levels
  • Child lock
  • Acrylic lining for easy cleaning

Panasonic NN-E281BMBPQ Reviews

The Panasonic NN-E281BMBPQ compact black microwave has received mainly positive reviews from buyers.

Some of the positive comments about the microwave include that it’s a compact machine that’s easy to fit onto a work surface and that it’s easy to use. Other features that buyers liked include that it’s straightforward to clean. There are a few negative reviews, with one in particular complaining that the microwave overheats during long microwave sessions.

Panasonic NN-E281BMBPQ Rating and Conclusion

The Panasonic NN-E281BMBPQ compact microwave oven isn’t the most exciting or feature packed product on the market. It does, however, perform the basics well, and has a stylish appearance. Other options for a solo microwave in this price range include Russell Hobbs RHM2064R¬†and Sharp R27STMA.

Panasonic NN-E281BMBPQ
Panasonic NN-E281BMBPQ


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