Daewoo KOR6N9RP Gloss Purple 20L Microwave Review

Daewoo KOR6N9RP Gloss Purple 20L Microwave Review

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If you can’t find the KOR6N9RP on shopping sites (it’s quite rare these days), the Russell Hobbs RHM2076SB is probably the best 20 litre alternative. Click here for the price of the RHM2076SB.

The Daewoo KOR6N9RP 20L purple microwave is one of the funkiest, craziest looking microwaves that we’ve ever reviewed. But does its function match up to its undoubted style? Keep reading this Daewoo KOR6N9RP review to find out more about the features of the product, along with a summary of what reviewers have thought of it.

Daewoo KOR6N9RP Features

You can’t talk about the Daewoo KOR6N9RP 20Lt gloss purple microwave without starting with its design. If you’re looking for a retro style microwave with a bright design then this is probably the best option. It features the same retro stylings as the Daewoo KOR6N9RB, but with a far more eye catching gloss purple finish. It goes without saying that this isn’t a microwave to suit everyone’s tastes though!

Aside from the unique style, the Daewoo KOR6N9RP 800W microwave is actually a fairly standard model. It has a modest 20 litre capacity, which is fine for small households, and an average 800W output. This is a microwave that does the basics well, but doesn’t have any exciting new features such as the Daewoo KOR6L6BD’s duo plate.

Other features include an auto cook setting, one touch menus, automatic defrost and a kitchen timer.

Overview of features:

  • Retro design with a bright gloss purple colour scheme
  • 800W output for relatively fast cooking
  • 20 litre interior cavity
  • Auto cook menus
  • One touch cooking menus
  • Child lock
  • Timer function
  • Five different microwave power levels

Daewoo KOR6L6BD Reviews

The Daewoo KOR6L6BD gloss purple microwave is currently sitting on a very respectable rating on shopping sites. This suggests that most people have been happy with the microwave’s performance and appearance. Let’s look closer at the positive and negative comments though.

Positive comments about the Daewoo KOR6L6BD:

  • Looks attractive and isn’t too large
  • A variety of settings but not so many that the microwave becomes confusing
  • Simple to use and easy to get started
  • Large handle to open door
  • Cooks efficiently
  • Dial and digital display combination looks great and is convenient

Negative comments about the Daewoo KOR6L6BD:

  • Inside of the door gathers condensation, although this is easy to wipe away
  • Several reviewers mention that the microwave is loud compared to other models

Daewoo KOR6L6BD Conclusion

The Daewoo KOR6L6BD purple solo microwave is one of the most attractive models on the market. If you love the purple design, you don’t have to worry about the microwave being all style and no substance. Even so, if you’re not a fan of the colour scheme then there are other models you may want to consider in this price bracket, including the Panasonic NN-K181MMBPQ (which comes with a grill).

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