Whirlpool Max 35 Purple Solo and Steam Microwave Review

Whirlpool Max 35 Purple Solo and Steam Microwave Review

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The Whirlpool Max 35 solo and steam purple microwave is one of the most eye catching appliances on the market at the moment. With the combination of bright purple colour scheme, curved back and sleek front panel, this is certainly not a microwave that can be ignored. Aside from its interesting appearance, the Max 35 also comes with a range of features, such as “Jet Start” one touch operation, automatic steam accessory and a 3D distribution system for more even cooking.

Whirlpool Max 35 Features

The Whirlpool Max 35 purple solo and steam microwave has a range of interesting and useful features. Whirlpool are known for their creative names for product features, so here’s a quick overview of exactly what’s included in this appliance.

  1. Space Saving Design. This is probably the most important feature of the Max 35 series of microwaves. The unique curved back design of these appliances saves space without significantly affecting the size of the turntable. While the actual capacity of the microwave is 13L, Whirlpool claims that the turntable is the same size as a 23L model.
  2. Jet Start. You can start the Max 35 without having to set time, level and power separately, saving time and frustration.
  3. Jet Defrost. The defrost system that comes with the Max 35 purple microwave is claimed to defrost food up to seven times faster than a regular microwave.
  4. 3D distribution system. Microwaves are emitted from separate locations within the interior cavity, resulting in food that’s cooked more thoroughly and evenly.
  5. Auto Steam Accessory. The Whirlpool Max 35 purple microwave comes with a steam system for health and convenient steaming.

Other features of the Whirlpool Max 35 purple solo microwave include a “memo” button, for storing three power levels/times, a baby bottle holder and an easy-to-clean design. As you’d expect from its relatively high price tag (considering it’s a 700W microwave), the Whirlpool Max 35 has a number of features that are genuinely unique and useful.

Whirlpool Max 35 Reviews

The purple Whirlpool Max 35 solo and steam microwave has received very positive reviews from most buyers. We’ve listed some of the positive and negative comments form Max 35 reviews below.

Positive comments according to online buyers:

  • Perfect for a small kitchen
  • Defrost function is efficient and fast. One reviewer mentions it took only six minutes to defrost a chicken, whereas her previous model took almost double this
  • Steam function is useful and makes the microwave more versatile
  • Easy to use; buttons are simple to press
  • Attractive design that’s sure to draw comments from friends and family

Negative comments:

  • One reviewer mentions that the compact size is a problem considering the relatively high price

Whirlpool Max 35 Conclusion

If you’re looking for a stylish microwave that comes with a range of useful features, then the Whirlpool Max 35 purple solo and steam microwave could be a good option. While it’s relatively expensive, its performance goes a long way to justifying the expense. The Max 35 is also available in red, cream and black.

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