Whirlpool Max 35 Black Solo And Steam Microwave Review

Whirlpool Max 35 Black Solo And Steam Microwave Review

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The Whirlpool Max 35 is, unfortunately, hard to find these days unless you buy second-hand (although this may change in the future). Our recommendation for an alternative 23 litre microwave is the Russell Hobbs RHM2362SClick here to view its price.

The Whirlpool Max 35 Black microwave has the same features as the cream and red models we’ve previously reviewed. The only difference is the colour scheme. Your chosen microwave colour largely depends on personal preference, but the black version of the Max 35 is probably better suited to modern, contemporary kitchens than the other colours we’ve reviewed. Aside from its colour scheme, the Max 35 has a variety of interesting features, including a space saving design and jet defrost system.


Whirlpool Max 35 Black Features

The standout feature of the Whirlpool Max 35 Black is its design. Unlike most microwaves, which are rectangular, the Max 35 has a unique curved back. This reduces the amount of work surface space required by the microwave, without affecting the size of the interior turntable. The curved back design also makes the Max 35 suitable for corners.

Other features of the Whirlpool Max 35 Black microwave include a flat door for easy cleaning, a steam function (for quickly cooking healthy foods) and a “3D” emission system for thorough cooking. Max 35 microwaves also come with a jet defrost system for fast defrosting.

While the Whirlpool Max 35 Black has a number of interesting features, its basic specification is relatively low. It only has 700W cooking power, for example, and the interior capacity is a mere 13L. This is partly compensated by the design, however, which reduces the overall capacity but still allows for a 28cm turntable.  Whirlpool claims in their promotional material that the effective capacity of the microwave is around 23L, which is more than enough for most families.

Overview of features:

  • Unique rounded back design reduces the overall size of the microwave
  • Flat door for straightforward cleaning
  • Space efficient design allows for a relatively large turntable
  • 700W microwave
  • 3D microwave distribution system for even heating

Whirlpool Max 35 Black Reviews

The Whirlpool Max 35 Black solo and steam microwave has received mainly positive reviews from buyers.

Good points according to reviewers:

  • Steam function is effective and provides more versatility when cooking healthy foods
  • Straightforward to operate
  • Attractive design that really does save space
  • Can be placed at a 45 degree angle in the corner of two walls
  • Touch controls

Downsides according to reviewers:

  • Several reviewers mention that the instruction booklet isn’t as detailed as it should be
  • Large dinner plates may not fit
  • The low 700W power rating means that food doesn’t cook as quickly as other models
  • Tall items might not fit into the cavity

Whirlpool Max 35 Black Conclusion

The Whirlpool Max 35 Black solo and steam microwave is an excellent option if you need an attractive, space saving appliance. For power users or those who need to cook food quickly, however, there are more powerful (but less stylish) options available for a lower price, such as the Russell Hobbs RHM2361GCG.

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