Samsung CM1069 Microwave Review

Samsung CM1069 Microwave Review

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The Samsung CM1069 Microwave is a microwave with a large 26L capacity, and a powerful 1100W power rating. The CM1069’s appearance is more functional than “sexy,” which suits its target market of small catering businesses rather than the home. The controls are clear and simple, the interior is stainless steel, and the handle is a simple affair that is designed to allow easy opening of the door.

Samsung CM1069
Samsung CM1069

Samsung CM1069 Microwave Features

With a capacity of 26L, the Samsung CM1069 Microwave is large for a home model but relatively small for a catering business. Make sure you know exactly what type of food you’re going to be cooking before deciding on a size for your business.

The exterior is stainless steel, in keeping with the professional catering standard. The handle is a simple bar to grab hold of, and the buttons are large and clear, so there’s no fear of being unable to find the right setting in a busy kitchen environment. There is an LCD display above the controls.

The Samsung CM1069 is rated at 1100W, which is far more powerful than your average domestic microwave. It’s also an efficient machine, meaning it makes good use of the electricity it draws. It has 4 power settings, and 20 presets, allowing for versatility and ease of use. There is no turntable in the CM1069, with Samsung instead opting for a static ceramic base.

Overview of Features

  • Stainless steel cavity, control panel and door
  • Flat ceramic static base
  • 4 different microwave power levels
  • 20 cooking programmes (preset)
  • 1100W
  • 26L capacity

Samsung CM1069 Microwave Reviews

The reviews for the Samsung CM1069 Microwave are mostly positive, with the only real negative review stating that the microwave looked and worked fine, but broke down after six months. There weren’t a host of these stories, so it may be that that particular reviewer had a bad but out of the ordinary experience.

Here are some of the things reviewers liked about the Samsung CM1069 Microwave:

  • Sturdy
  • Clear controls
  • Easy to clean
  • Heats evenly despite no turntable

Other than the aforementioned bad experience, there were no bad points to be had from reviewers of the Samsung CM1069 Microwave.


The CM1069 Microwave is very expensive when compared to domestic microwaves, so it’s only going to be of interest to those who are either running a kitchen, or take their cooking very seriously. The 26L capacity allows for a lot of food to be cooked, and, despite the lack of a turntable, the CM1069 is able to cook said food evenly. As you’d expect from a microwave that is aimed at the professional catering industry, the CM1069 is easy to clean and easy to use.

Samsung CM1069
Samsung CM1069

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