Samsung CE107F-S Chic Convection Silver Microwave Review

Samsung CE107F-S Chic Convection Silver Microwave Review

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The Samsung CE107F-S Chic Silver is a combination microwave with a range of features. The CE107F-S, like most of Samsung’s products, is sleek and stylish in a way that is fast becoming synonymous with the company’s design ethos. It has a range of features that can be reached from the comprehensive controls, and has a 900W power rating.

Samsung CE107F-S Chic Convection Silver Microwave Features

As you would hope from any product with “chic” in the name, and, indeed, expect from any product by Samsung, the CE107F-S is a very stylish looking appliance, with a smooth black front and angular door handle. The controls are a presented in the form of quite large buttons down one side, as well as a dial. There is display for showing the clock and timer.

The capacity of the CE107F-S is a large 28L, making it big enough for just about anything the average domestic kitchen might have in the cupboard. The interior of the CE107F-S combi microwave is ceramic enamel.

There are a number of functions, such as preheat, defrost, oven, and grill functionality. An interesting point about the CE107F-S is that it has a Triple Distribution System for heat, which allows for more even and deeply heated food, while also increasing the efficiency of the microwave.

Overview of Features

  • Large 28L capacity
  • “Triple distribution” system for more thorough and even cooking
  • Simple controls
  • 900W power on both microwave and grill
  • Defrost and preheat settings
  • Ceramic enamel interior
  • Clock
  • Stylish exterior

Samsung CE107F-S Chic Convection Silver Microwave Reviews

The Samsung CE107F-S Chic has received a number of reviews. Most reviews are positive, but some reviewers did have issues with the model.

Here are some of the things reviewers liked about the CE107F-S:

  • Great looks
  • Easy to clean

When it comes to negatives, there seems to be a few niggling little problems with the CE107F-S, though nothing drastically serious:

  • Some reports of turntable juddering
  • Loses heat when using oven feature


The Samsung CE107F-S Chic Convection Silver Combi Microwave is a stylish model with a range of features. If you need versatility from a microwave, without going for one of the more expensive combi options, then this could be a model to consider.

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