Russell Hobbs RHM2362S 23L Silver Digital Microwave

Russell Hobbs RHM2362S 23L Silver Digital Microwave

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The Russell Hobbs RHM2362S 23L Silver Digital Microwave is sleek and stylish model that certainly attempts to provide value for money. The sleek design in silver is pleasing to the eye, and will look good on any kitchen counter. Functionality-wise, the RHM2362S has a number of settings to make cooking easier, as well as five power levels. It features a digital display, allowing you to easily keep track of things like how long is left, and large, elegant buttons to control the microwave with.

Russell Hobbs RHM2362S
Russell Hobbs RHM2362S

Russell Hobbs RHM2362S 23L Silver Digital Microwave Features

The 23L capacity of the microwave places it somewhere in the low-to-middle range in terms of capacity, which should be large enough for a small family, though you may struggle with something like defrosting a turkey big enough for ten!

The design is very orderly, with straight lines and thin borders, with the door glass being near-edge to edge. The door also has a mirror finish. There are auto-cook options available, making certain microwave tasks easier, as well as defrost-by-weight functionality. The digital display can inform you of how long is left on the timer, which will allow up to 95 minutes.

Being 800W, the RHM2362S is, like its capacity, somewhere in the middle when compared to other microwaves. It does not have grill functionality though.

Overview of Features:

  • Stylish design
  • Auto-cook settings
  • 800W power
  • Five power levels
  • Defrost by weight feature
  • Clock
  • Child lock

Russell Hobbs RHM2362S Reviews

The RHM2362S has been reviewed very well, with a high average rating on shopping sites. The simplicity of use seems to be the winning factor for most, though one review lamented the difficulty of using the main control. Another positive is the defrost facility, which works well, and also the efficiency with which the RHM2362S cooks the food.

Here’s what the reviewers liked about the RHM2362S:

  • Sleek Design
  • Ease of use
  • Efficiency
  • Defrost feature

On the negative side, the only thing that cropped up was one reviewer’s difficulty with using the “main control”. However, as this was only one review, and as the other reviews spoke highly of the ease of use, it may be that the problem was with that particular reviewer, rather than the microwave.


The Russell Hobbs RHM2362S microwave is one of the more stylish microwaves available. The mid-range capacity lends itself well to a family home, though potentially not a big family. On the subject of family, there is a child lock feature to prevent unwanted use by the younger members of the family.

From the specifications and reviews, the RHM2362S would appear to be a very solid purchase. Affordable, attractive, and functional. The auto-cook features, such as the defrost by weight feature, make for a hassle free microwaving experience.

Russell Hobbs RHM2362S
Russell Hobbs RHM2362S

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