Which are the Best 1100W Microwaves?

1100W microwaves are powerful appliances designed to cook food as quickly as possible. They are usually expensivecompared to 800W microwaves (which is the “standard” wattage for most home models), but are great for cooking large amounts of food.

Do you really need a microwave with such a high power rating though? Which are the best models? And can they justify the high price tag? Let’s find out.

What Makes a 1100W Microwave Oven Stand-Out?

It probably comes as no surprise, but 1100W microwaves – on average – can cook and reheat food faster than less powerful models. Whether you want to cook a potato, reheat last night’s dinner or defrost a chicken breast, this type of microwave can do it faster than any other.

Aside from reduced cooking time though, how else do these appliances justify the high price tag?

Most 1100W microwave ovens are designed for heavy-duty cooking. This means they tend to have large cavities that can hold plenty of food. They also often include advanced features, such as smart defrosting modes and LCD control panels. So if you want a microwave that does more than basic reheating, a 1100W model could be a good choice.

There are a few drawbacks though. The increased power usage makes the microwave mort costly to use, which could be an issue if you’re trying to reduce your energy bill. They also tend to be large and bulky, so aren’t the best option for small kitchens or caravans.

Who Manufactures Microwaves with 1100W?

In short – very few companies are currently producing models with this power. The simple reason is that most people are happy with the speed of 600-900W microwaves. There are more 1000W models on the market, but these tend to be large combination microwaves.

That doesn’t mean 1100W microwaves are impossible to find though. Sage by Heston Blumenthal, for example, manufacture a stylish model with a large LCD display. It’s expensive, but worth looking at for serious cooking. We’ve also seen models by Samsung and lesser known companies such as Buffalo.

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