Whirlpool Max109 Limited Edition Bronze Microwave with Grill Review

Whirlpool Max109 Limited Edition Bronze Microwave with Grill Review

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Very few places sell this microwave anymore – but if you’re looking for a small microwave, the Daewoo QT1 is an excellent alternative. It’s 14 litres and has a small profile (although no grill) – click here for the latest price for the QT1.

The Whirlpool Max109 Limited Edition bronze microwave with grill is an interesting model. In many ways it looks similar to the Max 38, with its curved back design and “Crisp Plate” system. What makes the Whirlpool Max109 different? And what makes it worthy of the “Limited Edition” tag? Keep reading our Whirlpool Max109 review to find out.

Whirlpool Max109 Features

The most striking feature of the Whirlpool Max109 bronze microwave is its design. Unlike other microwaves, which tend to have a rectangular design, the Max109 has a rounded back. This allows it to fit into corners without reducing the size of the turntable. In fact, the 28cm turntable is a similar size to larger models, making the stated capacity of 13L misleading.

The Whirlpool Max109 microwave also comes with a crisp plate system. This has been designed by Whirlpool to brown and crisp food far more efficiently than other grill microwaves. The microwave also has a “crisp defrost” setting, which is perfect for defrosting foods such as bread while keeping them crisp.

Like most Whirlpool microwaves, the Max109 has a number of other interesting features. These functions tend to have obtrusive “marketing” names which can make them difficult to understand. Here are a few of the most important in more detail:

  • Sixth Sense Steam: Cook healthy food without losing vital nutrients using the steaming function.
  • Sixth Sense Crisp: Crisp and brown food simply and easily.
  • Quartz Grill: The grill uses less energy than competing microwaves but still manages to cook and brown food faster. Whirlpool claims that the grill on the Max109 is up to three times faster than competing models, and also self cleans.
  • Jet Defrost: This function is designed to defrost food quickly and more evenly than traditional microwaves.

So why is the Whirlpool Max109 a limited edition? As far as we can tell the main differences are in the colour scheme, although this is an undoubtedly impressive model. We are wary of the relatively low power output for such an expensive microwave though.

Overview of features:

  • Rounded back microwave for a more space efficient design
  • 700W microwave
  • 700W grill
  • 13L capacity but a 28cm turntable
  • Jet defrost system for more efficient defrosting
  • 3D microwave distribution
  • Automatic steam function
  • Quartz grill
  • “Crisp Plate” system
  • Comes with a baby bottle holder

Whirlpool Max109 Reviews

The Whirlpool Max109 microwave with grill only┬áhas a few reviews on shopping sites, which makes it difficult to judge. We’ve summarised the main comments of reviewers below though.

Positive comments according to reviewers:

  • Space saving design is useful for small kitchens
  • Steam, grill and microwave combination makes it a versatile model
  • Attractive design

Negative comments from reviewers:

  • One reviewer didn’t like the selection wheel which he found difficult to use

Whirlpool Max109 Conclusion

We think the Whirlpool Max109 bronze microwave with grill is an attractive model, but unless you’re hooked by the design we’d look at the Max 38 instead.

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