Which are the Best Bronze Microwaves?

Are you looking for a bronze microwave to match your kitchen’s existing decor? This colour isn’t common, but the microwaves that are available can look great in the right type of kitchen. On this page you’ll find links to all the bronze appliances we’ve reviewed so far.

Bronze microwaves (also sometimes called copper) aren’t as common as black, silver or white, but they are great if you already have bronze appliances and want your others to match. Appliances with this colour scheme aren’t to everyone’s taste, but are often perfect for rustic kitchen designs. Unfortunately, there aren’t many available unless you’re willing to look for second hand models. This is because some of the brands that used to manufacture appliances with this colour are no longer producing freestanding microwaves.

While colour is important, we never recommend choosing a microwave only because of its design – especially if the colour you’re looking for doesn’t have many options. For this reason, you may want to consider other colour schemes and designs so you have a wider range to choose from. We also have a retro microwave section which may be helpful if that’s the style you’re going for.

Do Any Brands Produce Copper Microwaves?

We already know most brands don’t produce copper microwaves – but are there any that do? Whirlpool used to produce bronze versions of their Max109 series, but this range isn’t sold anymore. The best bronze microwaves that are currently available are produced by Swan, who sell a copper version of their SM retro digital microwave series. Russell Hobbs also have a couple of rusty red microwaves, although these aren’t “true” bronze.

Listed below are all the bronze microwaves we’ve reviewed so far. While the list is very short at the moment, we’ll add to this whenever we find a microwave that has this colour scheme and is also worth reviewing.

Whirlpool Max109 Limited Edition Bronze Microwave with Grill Review

Very few places sell this microwave anymore – but if you’re looking for a small microwave, the Daewoo QT1 is an excellent alternative. It’s 14 litres and has a small profile (although no grill) – click here for the latest price for the QT1. The Whirlpool Max109 Limited Edition...

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