Russell Hobbs Heritage RHM2064P Purple Microwave Oven

Russell Hobbs Heritage RHM2064P Purple Microwave Oven

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This Heritage microwave is difficult to find now, so for a 20 litre model we recommend the Russell Hobbs RHM2076SB instead. Click here to view the latest price for the RHM2076SB.

The Russell Hobbs Heritage RHM2064P (purple) is a 20L capacity microwave with a surprising number of features for such a low cost microwave. It comes in a distinctive purple finish with silver highlights, which may be a deal breaker or maker, depending on your tastes. There is a digital display, clear buttons, and a dial for controlling your settings. The RHM2064P is an 800W rated microwave with five power levels to choose from when you’re cooking.

Russell Hobbs Heritage RHM2064P Purple Microwave Oven Features

The 20L capacity of the Russell Hobbs Heritage RHMP2064P makes it a small to mid-range microwave, which is fine for most people, but not ideal if you regularly cook or defrost large items. If you have a big family and regularly cook family meals, this might not be the microwave for you.

The front of the RHM2064P is adorned with big silver buttons and a dial for controlling the settings. There is a red digital display for keeping track of the time (and the timer). The door panel is finished in a gunmetal-grey effect, and is opened by a push-to-release button (no door handle).

There is no grill feature in the RHM2064P, but there are a number of settings to keep your food cooked, such as various auto-cook menus, defrost-by-weight functionality, and five power levels. The Russell Hobbs Heritage RHM2064P Microwave is an 800W microwave, making it, again, mid-range in this aspect.

Overview of Features:

  • Compact design
  • Simple controls
  • 800W
  • Auto-cook menus
  • Five microwave power levels
  • Cook by weight feature
  • Clock
  • Purple design
  • Child safety lock

Russell Hobbs Heritage RHM2064P Purple Microwave Oven Reviews

The RHM2064P has had few reviews, and, like the microwave itself, those reviews seem to be down the middle in terms of ratings. The size and weight have caused problems for some, though all seem to be in agreement that the RHM2064P works as it should.

Here are some of the things reviewers liked about the Russell Hobbs RHM2064P:

  • Purple design
  • Works well

On the negative side of things, the size was a little on the small side for at least one reviewer, and the weight was also a factor, with the RHM2064P guilty of sliding around the countertop when pressing the door open button, due to being so light.

Here are the negatives:

  • Too light
  • A bit on the small (capacity) side

Russell Hobbs Heritage RHM2064P Purple Microwave Oven Conclusion

At a low price for a microwave with these features, and being quite small, the Russell Hobbs Heritage RHM2064P is probably more suited to single people and/or small families. The design may be a problem for style-orientated buyers. For example, people who like their appliances to match will either have to already have purple appliances, or replace their appliances to match this microwave. There would also be the issue of whether the microwave would go with your kitchen in general.

The build quality is questionable with the RHM2064P, with the controls looking a little cheap and “plasticy”, and the aforementioned reviewer problem of the microwave being too light. That said, nobody seems to have complained about the RHM2064P breaking.

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