Daewoo KOG1N1ASL 31L 1000W Digital Microwave With Grill Review (Silver)

Daewoo KOG1N1ASL 31L 1000W Digital Microwave With Grill Review (Silver)

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This model isn’t widely available anymore, but for an alternative we recommend the Whirlpool Jet Chef. Click here for the Jet Chef price.

The Daewoo KOG1N1ASL 31L 1000W digital microwave with grill features one of the most contemporary designs we’ve seen. With its combination of silver colour scheme and mirrored finish, this microwave certainly looks fantastic. Do its features match the impressive design though? Or is the microwave all style and no substance? Keep reading our Daewoo KOG1N1ASL review to find out!

Daewoo KOG1N1ASL Features

The Daewoo KOG1N1ASL is a family sized microwave. Its large 31L interior capacity is big enough for almost any type of dinner plate or casserole dish, making it perfect for cooking large meals. While there are bigger microwaves around, such as the rare 40L models, 31L should be more than enough capacity for most families.

The microwave also has an impressive power output of 1000W. This allows it to cook quickly and efficiently. If you’re used to a 800W microwave, the difference in power should be immediately noticeable. The high power output is also important for cooking larger quantities of food. Another useful feature is the concave reflex system, which is designed to cook food more evenly than a regular microwave.

As you can see from the promotional images, the design of the Daewoo KOG1N1ASL is far more attractive than most other grill microwaves. The gentle curves, mirrored finish and silver colour scheme combine to create a modern, almost futuristic, appeal. While the design of the microwave probably isn’t to everyone’s tastes, if you like modern styles then the KOG1N1ASL is one of the most attractive models around.

Other features of the Daewoo KOG1N1ASL 31Lt family microwave include a quartz grill, automatic cook functions, auto defrost setting and a kitchen timer function. The microwave also comes with a child lock to prevent accidents when it’s in use.

Overview of features:

  • Family sized microwave with 31L capacity
  • Attractive silver and mirror finished design
  • 1050W grill
  • 1000W microwave output
  • 10 microwave power levels for extra control over your cooking
  • Concave reflex system for more even cooking
  • Auto cook menus
  • One touch menus
  • Safety lock
  • Daewoo KOG1N1ASL Dimensions (w/h/d): 51.5×37.5×30.4 cm

Daewoo KOG1N1ASL Reviews

The Daewoo KOG1N1ASL family silver microwave has received positive reviews from most buyers. It a highly respectable rating on shopping sites at the time of writing. We’ve summarised the main comments of reviewers below.

Pros of the Daewoo KOG1N1ASL microwave with grill according to reviewers:

  • Large interior capacity compared to other microwaves
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Attractive design that looks great in the kitchen
  • Food cooks quickly due to high power output

Cons of the microwave according to reviewers:

  • Mirror finish makes it difficult to see inside the microwave

Daewoo KOG1N1ASL Conclusion

The Daewoo KOG1N1ASL microwave with grill is an attractive model that offers reasonably high performance for a good price. Unfortunately, it isn’t in production anymore, but there are second hand models still available. Alternatives include the Whirlpool GT285BL 25L¬†and Daewoo KOR1NOA solo microwave.

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