Bosch HMT75M461B Compact 17L Microwave Review

Bosch HMT75M461B Compact 17L Microwave Review

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 Unfortunately, this model is now difficult to find. The Russell Hobbs RHM1714B, however, is an excellent 17L alternative. Click here to see its latest price.

The Bosch HMT75M461B compact 17L black microwave is a freestanding model that’s designed for small kitchens. It’s a simple model that’s built for basic microwave tasks, but doesn’t come with a grill or convection oven. In this Bosch HMT75M461B review we’ll go through the microwave’s main features, before discussing the positives and negatives according to buyers.

Bosch HMT75M461B Features

The Bosch HMT75M461B black microwave is a 17L model, which means it’s perfect for small kitchens or for people lacking in spare work surface space. The small capacity does mean that it probably isn’t a suitable choice for large families. It’s an 800W microwave, which means it can cook and reheat food quickly and efficiently.

Other features of the Bosch HMT75M461B include five microwave power levels, ranging from 90W to the full 800W, and four automatic defrost programmes based on weight. There are also three weight auto cook programmes included, and a memory function for storing a regularly used set of instructions.

The front panel of the HMT75M461B microwave is simple and uncluttered. It features a push button door, along with controls for selecting the various power levels. The black colour scheme provides a sleek and attractive appearance that should suit most kitchens.

Overview of features:

  • 800W microwave
  • Stylish black design
  • Compact
  • 17L interior capacity
  • 99 minute electronic timer
  • Four weight auto defrost programmes
  • Three weight auto cook programmes
  • Memory function
  • Five microwave power levels

Bosch HMT75M461B Reviews

The Bosch HMT75M461B black microwave is a popular model amongst reviewers. It currently has a high average rating on, which shows that most buyers are happy with the microwave’s performance. The Bosch HMT75M461B scores highly in design, value for money and ease of use categories.

Positive comments by reviewers:

  • Compact microwave that fits in small kitchens
  • Attractive black design
  • Provides good value for money
  • Straightforward to start using
  • Efficient cooking

Negative comments by reviewers:

  • Timer spinner moves too slowly from seconds to minutes
  • No quick start function
  • Small capacity, although this is a feature rather than a design fault


The Bosch HMT75M461B black solo microwave is an excellent model for those who need a compact yet efficient appliance. While it doesn’t have any stand out features, it does the basics well. Other compact microwaves with 800W power include the Daewoo KOR6N9RR and Daewoo KOR6L65SL.

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Date Published: 07/31/2013
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