Daewoo KOR6N9RR Touch Control Solo Microwave

Daewoo KOR6N9RR Touch Control Solo Microwave

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The red Daewoo KOR6N9RR microwave oven is an attractive model with a range of features. It’s a solo, 800W microwave that’s relatively compact. Is it worth the money though? And what do reviewers think? Let’s find out.

Daewoo KOR6N9RR
Daewoo KOR6N9RR

Daewoo KOR6N9RR Features

The Daewoo KOR6N9RR red touch control solo microwave comes with a number of useful features. With auto defrost, auto cook and one touch cook menus, you should have more than enough options for cooking a wide range of different foods.

Like many modern microwaves, the Daewoo KOR6N9RR red microwave oven uses a concave reflex system for cooking. This provides a more even cooking performance, preventing hot or cold spots in the food. The microwave also comes with five different power levels to suit your required purpose.

A bonus of the Daewoo KOR6N9RR microwave is its appearance. The red design certainly makes the microwave stand out from similar models, and the retro feel suits most kitchen designs perfectly.

Other features of the Daewoo KOR6N9RR include a kitchen timer, user friendly control system and a safety lock to prevent children from opening the microwave when they shouldn’t.

Overview of Daewoo KOR6N9RR features:

  • 20 litre capacity microwave
  • 800W
  • Red gloss finish that’s perfect for modern kitchens
  • Concave reflection system for even cooking
  • Five different power levels
  • One touch and auto defrost
  • Kitchen timer
  • Child lock
  • Daewoo KOR6N9RR Dimensions: 279x465x382mm

Daewoo KOR6N9RR Reviews

The Daewoo KOR6N9RR solo microwave oven has generally received positive reviews from buyers. This tells us that the microwave is satisfying most buyers, although there are a significant minority which have noticed problems.

Some of the positive comments about the Daewoo KOR6N9RR include:

  • Stylish and attractive design that suits most kitchen designs.
  • Smaller than many other microwaves while still providing enough space for large plates (up to around 26.5″ according to one reviewer).
  • Easy to use with simple instruction manual.
  • Looks fantastic with toasters and kettles with a similar colour scheme.
  • Affordable price considering the features included.

Negative comments about the machine include:

  • There are more than a few reviewers who complain that the initial model they received was broken. Nearly all of these appear to have received a replacement promptly, but it seems strange that this has happened more than a few times. There are too many reviews that start with comments like “second time lucky” for our liking.
  • On top of these reviews, there are several reviews complaining that the microwave broke after less than a year.
  • Another complaint is that the microwave doesn’t seem to heat food efficiently.

Daewoo KOR6N9RR Conclusion and Rating

On the surface the Daewoo KOR6N9RR red microwave seems to be a good option for a mid range machine. It has an attractive design, range of features and power settings and is simple to use. We are slightly concerned about the number of reviews that mention receiving a faulty product, however, which has negatively affected our review scores.

Daewoo KOR6N9RR
Daewoo KOR6N9RR

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