Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ Stainless Steel 23L Microwave Review

Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ Stainless Steel 23L Microwave Review

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One of the most popular microwaves on review sites at the moment is the Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ stainless steel microwave. It’s a powerful model, with 950W power output and a capacity of 23 litres. In this Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ review we’ll go through the microwaves positive and negatives, and also discuss the appliance’s technical specification.

Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ
Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ

Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ Features

The Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible. It doesn’t have a grill or convection oven, but it’s a powerful appliance that’s capable of doing the basics efficiently and quickly.

It’s a 950W microwave, which means that it should cook food evenly and fast. This high power output is also ideal for warming ready meals or reheating. The Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ stainless steel microwave also comes with ten automatic cooking programmes to make using the appliance as simple as possible.

One of the main features of the microwave is that it uses Panasonic’s “Inverter Technology.” This means the microwave cooks food more evenly, and can also defrost foods at a faster rate.

Other features of the Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ microwave include three microwave power levels, a 23L interior capacity and attractive stainless steel exterior.

Overview of features:

  • Powerful 950W microwave
  • 23L interior capacity
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Three microwave power levels
  • 10 auto cook programmes
  • Inverter technology for even heating

Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ Reviews

Most Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ reviews have been positive, with the microwave scoring a high average rating review site Reevoo at the time of writing. Here are the main positive and negatives according to reviewers:

Positive comments:

  • Attractive microwave with an attractive stainless steel exterior
  • Relatively spacious capacity
  • Quiet when being used
  • Compact microwave that’s easy to fit on the work surface
  • Easy to clean the interior
  • Straightforward to start using

Negative comments:

  • Some reviewers felt that the microwave was expensive considering it’s a simple solo model
  • The feet of the microwave sometimes slip


The Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ solo microwave oven is an attractive model that provides excellent performance. It’s relatively expensive, but for the extra money you get features such as Inverter Technology and Chaos Defrost. If you don’t mind spending a little more on a solo microwave for more efficient performance, then the Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ is definitely an option to consider. Cheaper and slightly smaller 20L alternatives include the Russell Hobbs RHM2064MB and Kenwood K25MSS11.

Review Summary

Product: Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ Microwave
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Date Published: 07/30/2013
3.5 / 5 stars
Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ
Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ

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