Kenwood K25MSS11 Stainless Steel Microwave Review

Kenwood K25MSS11 Stainless Steel Microwave Review

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This microwave isn’t easy to find on shopping sites anymore. If you need a 25 litre model, the Russell Hobbs RHM2563 is a good alternative – click here to see its latest price.

The Kenwood K25MSS11 stainless steel microwave oven is a relatively inexpensive yet powerful appliance. It’s a solo model with 900W power output, touch controls and a large capacity of 25L. If you regularly use your microwave for large amounts of food, the K25MSS11 could be an excellent option. Keep reading our Kenwood K25MSS11 review for more information about the product, along with buyer’s opinions.

Kenwood K25MSS11 Features

The Kenwood K25MSS11 stainless steel microwave offers excellent performance for a low price. It’s a 900W microwave, which means it cooks food quickly and efficiently – even in large quantities. The 25L capacity also makes it suitable for families and people who regularly cook large amounts of food.

Other features include eleven microwave power levels, defrost function and auto cook menus. The touch controls are simple to use, and the interior cavity is made from enamel, making it easy to clean.

It also features an attractive stainless steel design which will suit almost any kitchen decor. The curved handle and digital front panel create a contemporary feel.

Overview of features:

  • 900W microwave
  • 25L interior capacity
  • 11 microwave power levels
  • Defrost function
  • Auto cook menu
  • Touch controls
  • Clock timer
  • Stainless steel exterior design

Kenwood K25MSS11 Reviews

The Kenwood K25MSS11 stainless steel microwave has received largely positive reviews from buyers. On review site Reevoo, it has a high rating at the time of writing, which shows buyers are happy with their purchase.

Positive comments according to buyers:

  • Simple to use even for people who aren’t technologically minded
  • Quick start button
  • Large capacity is perfect for family cooking
  • Variety of functions
  • Excellent design that looks great in almost any kitchen
  • Interior is easy to clean
  • Provides good value for money

Negative comments according to buyers:

  • This is a relatively large microwave, so may not be suitable for a small kitchen
  • Can be loud while cooking


Considering the relatively low price of the Kenwood K25MSS11 stainless steel microwave oven, we think it provides good value for money. It’s powerful, has a large capacity and looks great.


  1. Large capacity, Variety of functions

  2. I Was going to buy the K25MSS14, but the local Currys didn’t have any, so this was my alternative. I got the last one! There’s a lot of people in the house, so this will handle large dinner plates.

    It’s quite simple to use, and has a variable output program button. It also can defrost and then cook your food, which is handy if you want to cook frozen carrots or whatever. It states in the instruction manual that 8 year olds may use it (supervised).

    £69.99 is the lowest price I have seen, although deal sites may have had it at £59.99. Compared to original prices this was a steal. So far no complaints.

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