Bosch HMT85ML63B Built-In Microwave Review

Bosch HMT85ML63B Built-In Microwave Review

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The Bosch HMT85ML53B Exxcel built in microwave is designed to be a stylish and powerful kitchen appliance. It features a 21L capacity, 900W microwave power and a variety of programs. Compared to freestanding microwaves the Bosch HMT85ML53B has an expensive price tag, but this is expected for a built in appliance. Keep reading our Bosch HMT85ML53B review for more information about the product, including the latest prices from around the web.

Please note: this is a built in microwave, not a freestanding model.

Bosch HMT85ML53B Features

The Bosch HMT85ML53B microwave is a compact model that’s designed to fit snugly into a modern kitchen. It’s capable of cooking a variety of different types of food quickly with its 900W power output. While it doesn’t have a large capacity compared to freestanding microwaves – 21L is enough for basic meals but probably won’t fit large dinner plates – this microwave should be perfect for small families or couples.

Bosch has designed the HMT85ML53B to make cooking as simple as possible. It comes with a number of automatic programs, which cook food based on the type and weight. The HMT85ML53B also has four cooking programmes and three food defrost programs. A bonus is the memory function, which allows you to save two settings for foods you regularly cook.

Finally, the Bosch HMT85ML53B 900W built in microwave is an attractive model that’ll look great in almost any kitchen.

Overview of features:

  • Built in microwave
  • Black or silver colour scheme
  • Attractive design
  • 900W power output
  • 21L capacity
  • Stainless steel interior
  • 7 automatic programs
  • Defrost mode

Bosch HMT85ML53B Reviews

Reviewers have generally been very happy with the Bosch HMT85ML53B, despite its high price tag. We’ve summarised the positive and negatives according to reviewers below.

Positive comments:

  • Attractive design that looks great in the kitchen
  • Interior feels roomy despite its relatively small capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Quiet when in operation
  • Defrost settings are useful and easy to use

Negative comments:

  • Microwave is an expensive option
  • Heavy appliance


The Bosch HMT85ML53B built in 900W microwave is certainly an attractive and powerful model. Its high price tag may put some buyers off though. If you’re looking for a built in microwave in this size bracket, however, then this is certainly an option to consider.

Review Summary

Product: Bosch HMT85ML53B Microwave
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Date Published: 07/29/2013
3.5 / 5 stars

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  1. I’ve had this microwave for 3 months now. It beeps too much. When finishing it beeps 20 times. That’s the minimum. Other choices are beeping 240 times or 600 times after you’ve warmed the milk, who would ever what this? It stops when you open the door of course. When I contacted Bosch they said that it was for people who lived in big houses or people who are hard of hearing. Also the open door button isn’t the one on the far right. Not sure why Bosch did this. Further to that the interior isn’t square as was the case with the previous Bosch model that I had. This means that the Denby 29cm plate that did fit in the same 21ltr capacity microwave doesn’t fit in this model. Beep beep!

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