Panasonic NN-CT857WBPQ 32L 1000W Combination Microwave Review

Panasonic NN-CT857WBPQ 32L 1000W Combination Microwave Review

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The Panasonic NN-CT857WBPQ 23L 1000W combination microwave is a powerful and large appliance. With an extra 5 litre capacity compared to the previously reviewed Panasonic NN-CF760M, this is a microwave that’s perfect for the serious user. This Panasonic NN-CT857WBPQ review discusses the main features of the product as well as buyer’s opinions.

Panasonic NN-CT857WBPQ Features

The stand out feature of the Panasonic NN-CT857WBPQ is its large 32L capacity. If you use your microwave to cook for many people at the same time, then this large capacity could be essential. The downside is that the microwave takes up more room on the kitchen work surface, so may not be suitable for small kitchens.

The Panasonic NN-CT857WBPQ digital combination microwave is also a powerful model. IT comes with a 1000W microwave, 1250W fan convection oven and a 1500W grill. The convection oven also comes with a two shelf facility to increase the useable volume inside the cavity.

AN interesting feature of the Panasonic NN-CT857WBPQ is that it uses the company’s Inverter Technology. This is a technology for emitting microwaves in a way that cooks food more evenly.

Other features include automatic cooking technology, which can be used with auto reheat and automatic cook programmes, and an attractive design.

Overview of features:

  • Large 32L microwave
  • Combination microwave with grill and convection oven
  • 2 shelves for convection cooking
  • 1500W radiant grill
  • Auto sensor technology
  • 16 auto sensor cooking and reheat programmes

Panasonic NN-CT857WBPQ Reviews

The Panasonic NN-CT857WBPQ combination microwave oven doesn’t have many reviews, but those it does have are largely positive.

Positive comments about the Panasonic NN-CT857WBPQ:

  • Easy to start using
  • Built-in programs are effective and useful
  • Surfaces are easy to wipe clean
  • Touch controls
  • Attractive design

Negative comments from reviewers:

  • One reviewer mentions that steam escapes through the door when cooking jacket potatoes


The Panasonic NN-CT857WBPQ combination microwave is a difficult model to review, as it’s been around for a while but hasn’t received many buy reviews. Even so, it’s a powerful and versatile microwave that may be worth considering if you need a large amount of cavity space.

Review Summary

Product: Panasonic NN-CT857WBPQ Microwave
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Date Published: 07/27/2013
3.5 / 5 stars

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