Sharp R82STMA Stainless Steel 25L Combination Microwave Review

Sharp R82STMA Stainless Steel 25L Combination Microwave Review

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The Sharp R82STMA 25L stainless steel combination microwave features an imposing design, powerful microwave output and a variety of settings. It’s also reasonably priced compared with other combination models. Keep reading our Sharp R82STMA review for an in-depth look at the product’s features, as well as a summary of reviewer’s comments.

Sharp R82STMA
Sharp R82STMA

Sharp R82STMA Features

The Sharp R82STMA stainless steel microwave is a 25L model, which means it’s big enough for medium-large dinner plates but not so huge it dominates the kitchen. It’s a combination microwave, and comes with 1400W grill and convection oven up to 240 degrees.

Other features of the Sharp R82STMA combination microwave include ten automatic menus, five different power levels, 900W power output and a pizza cooking function.  While the microwave doesn’t include many unique or exciting features, it has everything you need for cooking a variety of types of food.

It’s worth mentioning the design of the Sharp R82STMA, as we think it looks fantastic. The combination of stainless steel exterior and black control panel provides a classy appearance that most microwaves can’t match.

Overview of features:

  • Combination microwave
  • 1400W grill
  • Conventional oven with a maximum of 240 degrees
  • 900W microwave power output with five power levels
  • Pizza setting
  • Ten automatic cook menus

Sharp R82STMA Reviews

Reviews of the Sharp R82STMA combination microwave on shopping sites have so far been very positive. We’ve summarised the main positive and negative comments from reviews below.

Features the reviewers liked about the Sharp R82STMA include:

  • Relatively large interior capacity is big enough for nearly all plates and dishes
  • Loud signal beep when the microwave is finished
  • Can quickly add 30 seconds to the end of the timer by pressing “set”
  • Compact design despite the 25L capacity

Negative comments by reviewers include:

  • Some of the automatic cooking settings don’t allow for full customization based on size or amount of food
  • Microwave doesn’t cook as fast as you’d expect from a 900W model, although it’s not slow either

Sharp R82STMA Conclusion

The Sharp R82STMA combination microwave appears to provide excellent value for money. While it doesn’t come with all the extra features of other, more expensive, models, it does the basics efficiently and for a low price. We think it’s definitely an option to consider if you need a combination microwave on a budget. Other options in this price bracket include the slightly larger Daewoo KOC9Q4T and Daewoo KOC9Q1T.

Sharp R82STMA
Sharp R82STMA

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