Bosch BOSHMT75M451B 17L Freestanding Solo Microwave Review (Brushed Steel)

Bosch BOSHMT75M451B 17L Freestanding Solo Microwave Review (Brushed Steel)

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The Bosch BOSHMT75M451B solo microwave with brushed steel finish is a 17L, compact model with a relatively expensive price tag. Bosch has a reputation for quality products though, and the BOSHMT75M451B certainly looks attractive. This Bosch BOSHMT75M451B review discusses the main features of the product in depth, followed by a section summarising reviewer’s comments.

Bosch BOSHMT75M451B
Bosch BOSHMT75M451B

Bosch BOSHMT75M451B Features

The Bosch BOSHMT75M451B is a freestanding solo microwave with a small capacity of 17L. This makes it perfect for small kitchens, but unsuitable for large families or anyone who wants to heat food on a big dinner plate.

The microwave comes with rotary controls, 800W power output and five different microwave power levels. An interior light is included, along with four automatic defrost programmes (based on weight) and three weight cooking programmes.

The Bosch BOSHMT75M451B has a fairly standard rectangular design, although the brushed steel finish provides an air of superiority over cheaper models. The controls appear to be laid out for easy access, and the LED display has a timer with a maximum of 99 minutes.

Another interesting feature is the memory function. The Bosch BOSHMT75M451B lets you save your recipe instructions, and you can then repeat that sequence whenever you want with a single press of a button.

Overview of features:

  • 17L compact microwave oven
  • 800W power output
  • Five power levels (90W, 180W, 360W, 600W, 800W)
  • Electronic controls
  • LED display with a 99 minute electronic timer
  • Push controls
  • Automatic defrost programmes
  • Automatic cooking programmes
  • Can be placed underneath wall kitchen cabinet

Bosch BOSHMT75M451B Reviews

The Bosch BOSHMT75M451B freestanding microwave oven currently has a relatively high average rating at the time of writing. This hints that buyers are generally happy with their purchase, even though the microwave is expensive compared to similar models.

The first thing that stands out from reviews is that buyers think the microwave is durable and well built. You’d expect this from a premium model, but this is definitely not something to overlook. If you regularly use your microwave it’s important to buy one that’s going to last.

The interior capacity of the BOSHMT75M451B isn’t huge, but is big enough for small dishes and plates. It’s also perfect for heating baby bottles or other small items. Buyers also liked how easy it is to learn how to use the microwave.

Other positive comments include that the memory setting is useful, the styling understated and that the button layout is simple.

All microwaves have issues, and the Bosch BOSHMT75M451B is no exception. Fortunately, they appear to be relatively minor. Reviewers didn’t like that the automatic defrost function required you to look at the manual first. Several also mention that although the build quality and cooking efficiency are excellent, the microwave doesn’t come with some features of similar priced models.

Bosch BOSHMT75M451B Conclusion

We think the Bosch BOSHMT75M451B freestanding stainless steel microwave is definitely an option to consider if you need a compact model. With its small 17L capacity it’s perfect for space saving, and the 800W power output means it cooks efficiently. Alternatives to consider include the Daewoo QT1 (which is smaller at 14L) and the 20L Daewoo KOR6N7RS.

Bosch BOSHMT75M451B
Bosch BOSHMT75M451B

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