Samsung ME89F-1SS Silver 23L Solo Microwave Review

Samsung ME89F-1SS Silver 23L Solo Microwave Review

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This model isn’t widely available anymore, but the Russell Hobbs RHM2362S is an outstanding alternative. Click here for the Russell Hobbs RHM2362S’s price.

The Samsung ME89F-1SS 23L solo silver microwave oven is the first Samsung model we’ve reviewed, and it’s also one of the most attractive on the market. With a range of features, relatively low price tag and 800W power output, this is a microwave that certainly promises a lot. But does it live up to expectations? Keep reading our Samsung ME89F-1SS review from more information about its features, along with comments from buyers.

Samsung ME89F-1SS Features

The design of the Samsung ME89F-1SS silver microwave is one of its best features. It has a stylish, sleek and ultra modern appearance that looks fantastic. If you have a contemporary kitchen, the ME89F-1SS certainly won’t look out of place.

ME89F-1SS-2It’s a 23L microwave, making it suitable for relatively small kitchen, and comes with a display lock function to prevent children from opening it when in use. Other features include a “Triple Distribution System” – which is designed to distribute microwave energy from three different points for more even cooking – and a ceramic interior cavity for easy cleaning.

The Samsung ME89F-1SS silver microwave also comes with a rapid defrost function, which is perfect for when you forget to get the chicken out for the evening meal, and a simple one touch cook system.

Overview of features:

  • One touch sensor system
  • 23L capacity but with a compact design
  • 800W power output
  • Attractive stainless steel trim
  • Triple distribution system for even cooking
  • Rapid defrost function
  • Steamer function
  • Easy to use controls
  • Six different microwave power levels
  • Useful instruction manual – something that can’t be said for many microwaves!

Samsung ME89F-1SS Reviews

The Samsung ME89F-1SS doesn’t have many reviews on the biggest shopping sites, but we found plenty from around the web. It has received mainly positive reviews, although there are a few minor issues that reviewers had.

The Samsung ME89F-1SS 23L silver microwave is said to be stylish, compact and look great on a kitchen work surface. Buyers had to spend some time getting used to the controls, but after a brief period of acclimatisation found it easy to use. The steam function is a bonus, and is effective at cooking vegetables (without losing important vitamins and other nutrients).

Other positive comments include that the instruction booklet is useful, has a range of one touch menus and six different power levels.

No microwave is perfect though, and the Samsung ME89F-1SS has a few minor problems. Firstly, the pull handle door is said to be a bit too difficult to open compared to push button models. One reviewer also mentions that he found the control panel confusing to use.

Samsung ME89F-1SS Conclusion

The Samsung ME89F-1SS solo 800W microwave is a model that has a number of useful and interesting features. These features, combined with the attractive appearance, mean that this is a microwave you should consider if searching for a solo model in this price bracket. Other options include the Russell Hobbs RHM2064R and Daewoo KOR6L6BD.

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