Sharp R270SLM Solo 20L Microwave Review (Silver)

Sharp R270SLM Solo 20L Microwave Review (Silver)

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The Sharp R270SLM 20L Solo Microwave is an 800W model with a number of different features and settings. It has a silver design, digital display and 10 microwave power levels, along with all the other features you’d expect from a modern microwave. This Sharp R270SLM review discuses the main features of the microwave in depth, before analysing what buyers have thought of it.

Sharp R270SLM
Sharp R270SLM

Sharp R270SLM Features

The design of the Sharp R270SLM silver microwave is relatively basic. It doesn’t look bad, but it’s not the most attractive model on the market either. The front panel has a digital display and a number of buttons, and the black surrounding for the window is a nice touch. For a 20L silver microwave that looks fantastic, have a look at the Daewoo KOR6N7RS.

Aside from its appearance, the Sharp R270SLM solo microwave seems to be a solid model without being spectacular. It has 800W of power, which is fine for most people, and a 20L capacity making it a relatively compact machine. Other features include 10 microwave power levels, eight different automatic cook menus, 2 fast defrost settings and three express cook options.

Overview of features:

  • Silver solo microwave
  • 800W power output, 20L capacity
  • 10 power levels
  • Eight auto-cook menus
  • 2 fast defrost menus
  • Three express cook menus

Sharp R270SLM Reviews

The Sharp R270SLM microwave has a¬†middling average rating on review sites, which hints that this isn’t a terrible model but also isn’t perfect.

Let’s start with the good comments. Reviewers liked the finish of the microwave, as it “blends” into the kitchen without being obtrusive. Another good point is that the microwave is easy to operate, with touch controls, and has a number of preset menus for foods such as pizza, vegetables and frozen meals. Unlike the more expensive Panasonic NN-GD371SBPQ, the R270SLM does have a weight cook and defrost setting.

Other good comments include that the display is clear and easy to see, the microwave does the basics well and performs all the advertised functions efficiently. According to some reviewers, the microwave does collect condensation when in use though, and the defrost function is relatively slow.

Sharp R270SLM Overview

The Sharp R270SLM microwave is a basic, simple model that does what it says on the tin. It won’t win any awards for design or exciting features, but if you’re looking for a no fuss, no frills model it’s an option to consider.

Sharp R270SLM
Sharp R270SLM

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