Whirlpool Jet Chef 31L 1000W Family Microwave Review

Whirlpool Jet Chef 31L 1000W Family Microwave Review

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The Whirlpool Jet Chef 31L 1000W JT366 SL microwave with a grill and crisp function is certainly a model that’s built for versatility. With its large interior capacity, fast cooking speed and range of unique functions, the Jet Chef is completely different to the company’s popular Max series of small, compact microwaves. But does it live up to its expensive price tag? Keep reading this Whirlpool Jet Chef review to find out.

Whirlpool Jet Chef
Whirlpool Jet Chef

Whirlpool Jet Chef Features

As we mentioned in the introduction, the Whirlpool Jet Chef microwave oven is a 31 litre machine. That’s significantly larger than the common 37 litre models, making it an excellent choice if you regularly cook large amounts of food. For an even bigger machine, we recommend the Sharp 40L model.

Versatility is a word that comes up a lot when talking about the Whirlpool Jet Chef. This is partly due to its range of feature and settings, but mainly its grill and steam functions. Combined with a regular 1000W microwave, these functions allow for a wide range of cooking styles.

whirlpool jet chef

The Jet Chef is certainly an attractive model.

The microwave also has a range of interesting features. The “Unique Crisp System,” which is similar to that found in the Max 38, aims to provide brown crisps that aren’t possible in a regular microwave. The Whirlpool Jet Chef also comes with a “6th sense” steam accessory, auto control system, quartz grill and a one touch operation system.

It wouldn’t be a Whirlpool model without an interesting and unique design, and the Jet Chef doesn’t disappoint in this regard. The large microwave has an attractive, futuristic colour scheme. The controls are placed on the top of the model for easy access, and the curved exterior provides a modern appearance. While the design of the Jet Chef isn’t quite as revolutionary as the Whirlpool Max series, it’s certainly different enough to stand out.

There are a number of other interesting features of the Whirlpool Jet Chef. We’ve listed the most important below.

Overview of product features:

  • 1000W microwave for fast, efficient cooking
  • 31L for that extra capacity when you need it
  • Quartz grill and a crisping system – browned crisps without food burning
  • One touch system so you don’t need to set time and power separately
  • “Sixth Sense” monitoring system for adapting steam cooking and defrost
  • Door opens downwards so it can be used as an extra food shelf
  • Uniform cooking due to the 3D distribution system
  • Jet defrost – Whirlpool claims this defrost food up to seven times faster than a normal microwave
  • Eight different power levels

Whirlpool Jet Chef Reviews

On the surface, the Whirlpool Jet Chef is an attractive, large model that comes with a variety of unique features. There aren’t many microwaves that can match the feature set of this model.

Despite this, the Jet Chef is only sitting on a relatively low rating (compared to other Whirlpool models) on shopping sites. This is far from a negative rating, but does indicate that the machine doesn’t entirely live up to expectations. Why is this? And should potential buyers be concerned?

Let’s start with the positive reviews. Firstly, many reviewers talk about how the Whirlpool Jet Chef 31 litre microwave has an astonishingly wide range of functions. If you want a microwave that can pretty much do it all (aside from a conventional oven system) then this is a model to consider.

One reviewer mentions that the functions available in this microwave have completely changed how he cooks. Aside from basic microwaving, you can use the Jet Chef for steaming vegetables, easy reheating with the “sixth sense” system and grilling. There seems to be a general consensus among reviewers that the Whirlpool Jet Chef 1000W microwave is one of the most versatile on the market.

Other positive comments include that it’s an attractive kitchen appliance, the defrost system really does functions as advertised and that the steaming system works well.

And now onto the negative comments. The main complaint seems to be that the microwave is difficult to use. This isn’t helped, in the eyes of several reviewers, by the sub-par instructions. Other reviewers point out that with such a wide range of features, it’s natural that the Whirlpool Jet Chef takes a bit of getting used to.

While we think that any complex kitchen appliance has a learning curve, we do agree that the high price of the Whirlpool Jet Chef means that customers should expect a decent instruction manual. It’s a shame that what is otherwise a superb microwave has been let down by something so trivial – yet essential.

Whirlpool Jet Chef Conclusion

We think that the Whirlpool Jet Chef 1000W 31L microwave with grill and crisp function is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high end model. Looking at reviews of the microwave, all the advertised features appear to work as intended. Considering the high price of the machine, however, we think that Whirlpool should focus on creating a more comprehensive instruction manual.

Overall, if you’re willing to spend time learning how to use it, the Whirlpool Jet Chef is one of the most powerful and versatile models on the market.

Whirlpool Jet Chef
Whirlpool Jet Chef

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  1. My steamer micro wave has a tiny hole in the Centre on the base has always leaked thought this was steam escaping and causing small puddle of water underneath now realise it seems a defect in the making. a machine press defect cooked my veges perfect now I seem to have to press steam button twice and even three times also the reheat button isn’t quite hot enough that being said I adore this microwave have used many in my life and this one is outstanding

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