Kenwood K20MSS10 20L Stainless Steel Microwave Review

Kenwood K20MSS10 20L Stainless Steel Microwave Review

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This model is no longer widely available. We recommend the Russell Hobbs RHM2076SB instead if you need a 20 litre microwave. Click here for the latest price for the RHM2076SB.

The Kenwood K20MSS10 20L stainless steel microwave is a relatively small appliance with a power output of 800W. While it doesn’t have many unique features, it’s a popular appliance due to its simplicity and efficient performance. Keep reading our Kenwood K20MSS10 review to find out more about the product’s specifications, price and buyer’s opinions.

Kenwood K20MSS10 Features

The Kenwood K20MSS10 stainless steel microwave oven is designed to be as simple as possible. It’s an 800W model, which means it can cook quickly and efficiently, while the lack of gimmicks and unwanted features makes it a model that’s easy to get to grips with.

Features include five different microwave power levels, a number of auto cook programs and an automatic defrost function. Even though the Kenwood K20MSS10 focuses on simplicity, it still has enough options to make microwave cooking a straightforward process.

A bonus is that it’s an attractive microwave. The stainless steel design combined with black outer window means it’ll look good in almost any kitchen. While the compact size makes this a good choice for small kitchens, it probably isn’t large enough to cope with the microwave demands of a big family.

Overview of features:

  • 800W microwave
  • Compact 20L interior capacity
  • Five microwave power levels
  • Automatic cook programs
  • Automatic defrost programs
  • Clock timer
  • Attractive stainless steel design

Kenwood K20MSS10 Reviews

The Kenwood K20MSS10 stainless steel 20L microwave has received a large number of online reviews, and has scored highly in most categories. Reviewers particularly liked how easy the microwave is to use, and think that it provides excellent value for money. The stylish design of the microwave also attracted a number of positive comments.

Summary of positive comments from reviewers:

  • Easy to use microwave
  • Compact size that’s perfect for one or two people
  • Attractive and stylish design
  • Cooks efficiently
  • Provides good value for money

Summary of negative comments:

  • Condensation sometimes builds up during use
  • Doesn’t come with some of the more advanced features found in competing microwaves


The Kenwood K20MSS10 stainless steel 20L microwave oven is a simple model that thrives on its simplicity. If you don’t want a microwave with a huge number of features and settings, but just need a model that does the basics with the minimum of fuss, then the Kenwood K20MSS10 could be the perfect option. We also recommend looking at other 20L solo microwaves such as the Samsung ME76VBBH.

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Date Published: 07/31/2013
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