Panasonic NN-CT562MBPQ Combination Microwave Oven

Panasonic NN-CT562MBPQ Combination Microwave Oven

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The Panasonic NN-CT562MBPQ is a beast of a microwave – there’s simply no other way to put it. It’s imposing, silver design combined with modern features and technology make it one of the best combination microwave ovens around. In this Panasonic NN-CT562MBPQ review, we’ll discuss the features of the microwave in more detail, and provide an overview of how it’s been received by existing buyers.

Panasonic NN-CT562MBPQ
Panasonic NN-CT562MBPQ

Panasonic NN-CT562MBPQ Features

The Panasonic NN-CT562MBPQ combination microwave has a range of features. It is built with inverter technology, which helps to cook food evenly and consistently, and has a large 27L interior capacity. It’s a 1000W model for fast cooking. Grill and convection ovens are included in the design, meaning the Panasonic NN-CT562MBPQ is suitable for cooking a range of different foods.

The design of the Panasonic NN-CT562MBPQ microwave is attractive and modern. It features a slim line design, to help reduce the amount of workspace the microwave takes up, and comes in a silver/grey colour scheme. Panasonic claim that it saves up to 20% of space on the worktop compared to previous models. It’s a relatively large model, but is slim for its 27L capacity.

Overview of Panasonic NN-CT562MBPQ features:

  • 1000W microwave
  • Convection oven with temperature range from 100-200 Celsius
  • Slim line design that saves space on your worktop
  • 1300W grill (quartz)

Panasonic NN-CT562MBPQ Reviews

The Panasonic NN-CT562MBPQ combination slim line microwave has received excellent reviews from people who’ve bought and used it.

Some of the good points mentioned in reviews include:

  • The microwave is capable of cooking evenly and consistently.
  • Relatively small compared to other combination ovens.
  • Easy instructions make it simple to get started.
  • Much less expensive than previous Panasonic microwaves.
  • Controls are easy to see and intuitive.

Some of the bad points include:

  • Inside the microwave becomes hot during use.
  • “Plastic” feel compared to stainless steel models.
  • Digital display isn’t easily viewable from all angles or in sunlight.

Overall, people seem to be happy with the Panasonic NN-CT562MBPQ microwave.

Panasonic NN-CT562MBPQ Conclusion and Rating

The Panasonic NN-CT562MBPQ is an excellent choice if you need a compact, feature-packed combination microwave. It has received great reviews from buyers, which is always an important test for a consumer product.  If you’re looking for a larger model, then the Sharp R959SLMA is a good alternative.

Panasonic NN-CT562MBPQ
Panasonic NN-CT562MBPQ

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