Daewoo KOR8A0R Solo Microwave Review (Black)

Daewoo KOR8A0R Solo Microwave Review (Black)

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The black Daewoo KOR8A0R 800w solo microwave is one of the most sleek and attractive on the market at the moment. As well as its excellent design, it also features an array of functions such as auto defrost and a one touch cooking menu. Keep reading to find out more about the Daewoo KOR8A0R, including its full feature list and what reviewers have been saying about the product.

Daewoo KOR8A0R Solo Microwave Features

The Daewoo KOR8A0R solo microwave comes with an impressive array of features for a model in this price range. It’s a 23lt microwave, and uses a “concave reflex” system for cooking. A duel wave system is also used to improve cooking performance.

Ten different power levels can be set, making it simple to customize the cooking power to your requirements. The Daewoo KOR8A0R comes with a one touch cook menu, more or less function and a child lock.

Something that shouldn’t be overlooked is the appearance of the Daewoo KOR8A0R touch control microwave. This is a black microwave model, and features a sleek design that’s filled with smooth curves and a silver finish knob. The Daewoo KOR8A0R is one of the most attractive microwaves we’ve reviewed so far.

Other features of the Daewoo KOR8A0R microwave include a kitchen timer, auto cook menu, automatic defrost setting.

Overview of features:

  • 800W microwave
  • 24 litre capacity
  • 10 different power levels for extra control
  • Automatic defrost setting
  • Dual wave cooking system
  • One touch cooking menu
  • Auto cook menu
  • Child lock
  • Dimensions: 465mm/287mm/366mm (W/H/D)

Reviews of the Daewoo KOR8A0R

The Daewoo KOR8A0R black solo microwave has received largely positive reviews on shopping sites. It’s clear that many reviewers feel that the Daewoo KOR8A0R black microwave provides excellent value for money. With a competitive price, you certainly get a lot for your money. Other positive features of the microwave include that you can turn it off completely to save energy (by pressing the stop button), wide range of cooking options and sturdy design.

A common comment about the Daewoo KOR8A0R is how good it looks. This is one of the most attractive microwaves on the market at the moment, which is important when it’s sitting on your kitchen counter. The large size of the KOR8A0R is also convenient, as it can fit even large dinner plates.

As with all products, there are some negative reviews of the Daewoo KOR8A0R. One reviewer mentions that the microwave seems loud, although this doesn’t appear to be a common complaint. Another reviewer comments that it’s difficult to see what’s going on inside the microwave, and that the built in programs didn’t offer the variety he was hoping for. There also appears to be an issue with the paint peeling for some reviewers.

Conclusion and Rating

The Daewoo KOR8A0R solo microwave has some minor faults, but is a solid machine that provides excellent value for money. With a wide range of cooking settings, super-sleek design and good cooking performance it’s a good choice if you don’t want to spend too much on a new microwave.

We’ve decided to award the microwave with a four star rating. It narrowly misses out on the top rating, but is still a model that we’d recommend in this price bracket.

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