Daewoo KOR6AOR Digital Eco Microwave Review

Daewoo KOR6AOR Digital Eco Microwave Review

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The Daewoo KOR6AOR digital ECO microwave is an interesting looking model. It features a sleek black and silver design, and is designed to minimize energy consumption. Daewoo have even managed to get the microwave to consume zero power when in standby mode. Keep reading our Daewoo KOR6AOR 20L digital microwave review for more information about the product’s features, performance and price.

Daewoo KOR6AOR
Daewoo KOR6AOR

Daewoo KOR6AOR Features

The main feature of the Daewoo KOR6AOR ECO microwave is its low energy consumption. The ECO button lets you turn on the “zero” energy consumption setting, which is important for both the environment and your electricity bills!

Other features of the Daewoo KOR6AOR include a 20L interior cavity, dual wave cooking system for evenly cooked food and a variety of power and auto cook settings. Considering the low price of the Daewoo KOR6AOR microwave, it provides a large number of features and is a versatile model.

The Daewoo KOR6AOR microwave is also an attractive model. With a distinctive black design, the model certainly stands out from the rest. The silver handle also provides that bit “extra” that turns the microwave from good looking to great.

Overview of Daewoo KOR6AOR features:

  • 20L capacity microwave
  • Consumes no energy when in standby mode (controlled by “eco” button)
  • 10 different power levels
  • 800W of microwave power
  • Child lock
  • Four different autocook menus
  • Dual wave cooking system
  • Daewoo KOR6AOR Dimensions (W/H/D): 44.6/27/33.2 cm

Daewoo KOR6AOR Reviews

The Daewoo KOR6AOR digital ECO microwave has received mainly positive reviews on shopping sites. If you need a relatively inexpensive, basic microwave then this is definitely an option to consider.

Some positive comments about the Daewoo KOR6AOR include:

  • ECO setting is extremely useful for saving energy and is also easy to use.
  • Economical model that provides excellent performance for a low price tag.
  • Relatively small “footprint” on the work surface, making it suitable for smaller kitchens.
  • Attractive design.
  • Simple to use without spending lots of time reading the manual.

It’s important to check the size of a microwave before you buy. Several reviewers mention that the microwave was smaller than they expected, but the dimensions are listed on most sales pages. One potential problem is that the cable is relatively short (around 80cm according to one reviewer). If the socket is further than this away from where you want to put the microwave, you’ll need an extension lead.

Daewoo KOR6AOR Conclusion and Rating

We think the Daewoo KOR6AOR ECO microwave is an excellent model for the price. IT does all the basics, and the extra ECO settings are especially useful.

Daewoo KOR6AOR
Daewoo KOR6AOR

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